A picture with Santa

Yesterday (with the help of my parents) I took the kids for their picture with Santa.

I’d taken the girls over to my moms’ in the afternoon, and left them there to go pick Andrew up after school.  We arrived back at about the same time my dad came in from work, and I got the kids all done up into their fancy Christmas attire.  We were apparently not moving fast enough for Andrew’s liking, and he got into a really grumpy mood to the point I was about to call the whole thing off.  As it was, it was a good thing we showed up at 4pm, as Santa was JUST finished his break when we arrived.  There were 3 families ahead of us so it took no time at all before it was our turn.  

I’d done everything I could think of to get the kids excited about getting their picture with Santa.  Andrew has always loved Santa, even as an almost 1 year old on his first Chistmas.  Margaret is pretty OK about Santa, too.  But Emily...None of my kids are shy, but Emily will sometimes take a few minutes to warm up to people.  Her first Christmas (at 2 months) she spit up all over Santa’s arm as soon as I handed her to him.  Last Christmas she managed to sit long enough for the picture but she was resisting and didn’t want to be there.  I thought this year she might do OK because she’s watched shows with Santa, and knows he’s bringing presents, and she hears Andrew go on about how great he is.  She was doing pretty well till it came time to go sit with him.  She was holding my mom’s hand, and started to pull back like she wanted to go the other way.  Then she resisted completely and started yelling, ‘No, No, No, NOOOO!’ as I tried to force her onto his lap.  LOL  Fa la la la, la la la la!  Margaret was on one knee and Andrew sitting beside Santa.  I tried putting her beside Margaret, away from Santa, but she freaked.  Andrew offered to hold her but she freaked.  I tried her on the complete opposite side of the bench and it was NOT HAPPENING.  So I sat down beside Andrew on the bench and had Emily on my lap and in the end we got a pretty good picture with all of us looking at the camera!  Emily had both her hands in her mouth but didn’t look nearly as unhappy as she actually was!  LOL  I hadn’t planned on being in the picture myself, so note to self: dress for the occasion even if you’re not planning on being a part of it.  I really wish I’d been wearing a different shirt as I felt like I didn’t match the kids in their black and red, and me in blue and black stripes.  BUT over all it worked out well.  It would have been even better if James had been there and could have been in it, too, but the bench was getting fairly crowded as it was!  It was quite the experience, that’s for sure.


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