Totally grossed out

I was just cleaning up from supper when I heard a knock on the door.  I thought to myself, Who could that be, who would knock on the door at this ungodly hour?!  After the UPS guy left (after dropping off a package of some xmas gifts I bought off Amazon) I looked at the clock and realized it was only just after 6pm!  Seriously.  I thought it had to be at least 9:00.  And since when 9:00 is considered an ‘ungodly hour’ in my mind is another good question.

It felt like a really long day today, parts of it good, others not so much.  First of all, we’ve all still got the stupid virus.  I seem to have had it the worst, and it just lingers - lots of coughing, phlegm (sorry, TMI), massive amounts of snot, like Guiness Book of World Records for most nose blowing.  It zaps energy levels that are barely there to begin with.  It’s really annoying.  I’ve started getting terrible sore throats through the night because I can’t breathe through my nose when I lay down.  And this has been going on for several WEEKS now.  It got to a point where it stopped getting worse, but it can’t seem to figure out how to get better.  James started coming down with it yesterday after showing small signs of it for about a, yeah.  It’s frustrating to say the least.

But anyway...James was working from home today so I was able to take Andrew to school on my own and talk to his teacher a bit as I’ve been so out of the loop lately with not being able to go into his classroom.  From there I stopped by Shoppers for some stamps, then picked up the girls and we went over to my mom and dad’s.  My dad had the day off work and wanted to shampoo their carpets (because that’s the kind of thing my dad does on a ‘day off’) and we had the shampooer at our place, so I took it over and we had a little visit with them.  The girls were over the moon of course, because they LOVE going to my parents’ house!  It was a nice little change of pace for me, too.  I took them home in time for their nap, and that’s when things went a bit awry.  

We had to remove everything from under the stairs today because management was clearing the pipes leading to the outside taps to make sure there would be no water left in them in the winter in case of freezing.  I had taken almost everything out of there before Halloween to get the boxes out for decorating, but I’d left a shelf in there and a few other things that I didn’t have to move to get to the boxes.  It hasn’t been THAT long since I removed everything, but several months I guess.  We found MOLD all in behind the shelf and along part of the wall leading to the closet door.  Not the worst amount ever but enough to be alarmed by it, and it’s definitely a problem.  Then I noticed something that literally had popped up since this morning because I had looked in that exact spot this morning and there was nothing...There were MUSHROOMS growing out of the carpet.  MUSHROOMS. GROWING. OUT. OF. THE. CARPET.  I’ve literally never in my life seen that before and hadn’t even thought about the possibility of it.  So to say I was shocked would be an understatement!  I am so horrified by the whole thing, especially with two 2 year olds who are not shy to pick random things off the floor.  What if they touched them, or worse yet, ate them??  I can’t even believe this is happening, yet at the same time I can.  While this place has great potential, it seems to be riddled with problems because it hasn’t been properly maintained.  

We had someone from management come and look at it and they’re sending someone tomorrow to start dealing with it, but I’m so worried that they’ll do a half-assed job of it like they do with everything else, and the underlying issue won’t be fixed.  It really freaks me out, especially for the sake of our kids.  I don’t want to be raising our kids in a place that has mold in it.  I know the problem could be worse and it’s good that we found it and they’re going to do something right away, but at the same time...I’m also stressed about all that this is going to entail.  Tonight before I go to bed I have to take literally everything out of that closet AGAIN (I couldn’t leave it all over the living room all day today as I didn’t want the girls getting into it, although now I’ll have to let that happen because I have no idea when the workers will be here tomorrow).  Then I have to hope they arrive when I’m going to be home, hope it doesn’t totally screw up the girls’ nap since that will totally screw up the rest of the day...then there’s the amount of days they’ll have to come back to patch things up etc.  Not to mention that the carpet has to be replace, which is great in the sense that we NEEDED new carpet there when we moved in...but it also means moving heavy furniture and basically just a giant headache before we have the new carpet installed.  I’m just not in the mood for this, I wish things could just be going smoothly and I didn’t have all this crap added on.

At the same time, we gave management a list of things we’d like to have done to upgrade our place, so there will be a few renos taking place, although it doesn’t sound all that promising as to what we’ll get done.  In some ways I think I just have zero faith in the company to do anything at all, or to do any of it right.  It’s too bad, because otherwise I feel like the bones of this place are great and it has the potential to be a place we could stay for a long time, but there are reasons why I wonder how long we’ll last here.  I’m not about to start looking into moving but I wish I felt more secure where we are.  I don’t like feeling any amount of discomfort in my own home!


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