Swimming in our living room...

I feel so sick today, partly because of the virus I STILL have, but mostly because of what’s going on at our house.

I wrote about the mould problem we discovered last week under our stairs...And management’s (lame) attempt at looking to see what the problem was...They were supposed to get back to us by the end of the day on Thursday to let us know when something was going to be done (to start fixing the leak) and it was all we could do to get them to ‘commit’ to starting on Friday...Only on Friday they became impossible to reach and then when we finally did manage to contact them, they said it was ‘out of their hands’ until the contactors got back to them as to when they could start.  We called again yesterday despite it being Saturday as the problem was getting noticeably worse - about a foot and a half past the wall by the closet door for the stairs was wet, and was getting wetter.  They said there was nothing they could do until at least Monday.  But when I discovered that the main part of our living room is also soaking wet in several areas now, (far away from the area that initially got wet) I called again this morning.  The manager actually said, after I told her outright it’s obviously a serious leak (actually, we suspect there are 2 separate leaks, but anyway…) that, ‘It’s Sunday, so I can’t do anything about it right now.’  When I insisted that it’s serious and needs to be addressed, she said she’d ‘try’ to get a hold of a higher up manager but with it being Sunday, it wasn’t likely he’d answer his phone!  I swear, this is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse we’re dealing with here.  She did call back, and said they’ll be arriving in the morning complete with jackhammers...so we’ll see.  I have to take Andrew to school around the same time they’re arriving, and I don’t want the girls here for the chaos of it, so James will again be working from home so he can be here to see what’s going on.  I feel so fortunate to have him helping me, and with the option of working from home at times like these.

I know they’re supposed to start working on this tomorrow, I guess I just have little faith in whoever they are sending to do the job right.  We’ll have lived here for 2 years in mid January, and it seems like it has been one thing after the other.  In our 15 years of renting together, we have never experienced so many problems as what we have here in 2 short years.  

I was looking at listings for current rentals in our area and as far away as places like Maple Ridge or Delta (neither of which we want to move to) and I don’t know how we’re ever going to be able to find something that fits our basic needs ANYWHERE EVEN CLOSE to where we would want to live, let alone what we’d actually ‘like’ to have.  I’m feeling really disheartened by the whole thing!

I love our place over all, I think it’s just hard to stomach the fact that we’re supporting a management company that is totally incompetent and doesn’t care at all about its tenants.  I take so much pride in my home, but it makes me sad that I can’t feel fully comfortable in it because I don’t know how things are being taken care of (or not being taken care of at all).

Anyway...Last night I got all excited because James agreed with me that we should buy a new Christmas tree this year.  We have a 4ft tree (that we set up last night with the kids), which worked perfectly for us in our last place since it was significantly smaller, and we’ve always been happy with a more modest tree.  It’s fibre optic, which in my opinion is AWESOME, but in our place here it looks so small and it’s a bit ridiculous that our ‘babies’ are over half the size of our tree!  I picked one out online and it was just a matter of going to get it, but it snowed the night before last and yesterday it was -3 and extremely icy so I didn’t want to venture out driving in it.  We’re not used to snow and ice here and people don’t drive according to the road conditions.  So I opted to stay home.  By this morning I had given up on the new tree because realistically I have no idea when we’ll be able to set it up and decorate it, because now that our main living room has started to flood, we’re likely going to have to move EVERYTHING out of there to get the carpet replaced.  I was feeling very dejected.  I anticipated that James would agree that we should hold off on it and he’d be happy to just save the money and forgo the tree, but he can obviously tell how much this situation is affecting me, because not only did he think we should still get it, but he took Andrew to the store during the babies’ nap time and he bought it for me!  

It’s hard to feel excited about it right now, but hopefully this stuff will get fixed completely this week so we’ll be able to get it set up and just focus on being excited about the holidays, which is what I want more than anything.  I probably shouldn’t allow myself to get so worked up about this stuff, especially when it’s out of my control, but I think that’s the part that bothers me the most, because if I could control the situation I’d be having something done about it RIGHT NOW.  


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