Preparing for Christmas early

The girls still have does do I...and as of last night, James, too.  So it’s a house full of sickies for us!  A few nights ago I sneezed and literally within a minute I had a full fledged head cold.  Luckily it’s not the kind of cold where you feel achy and almost flu like, since I feel like I just got over that one.  This is ‘just’ a head cold.  But it’s not fun, and it’s making it nearly impossible to sleep.  Between my nose dripping and having a nightmare that a terrorist was one by one taking out everyone in the room and I knew it was only a matter of time before he got me (I blame season 4 of Homeland for that!), I barely slept a wink last night.

BUT I am almost done all my Christmas shopping, so that’s a plus!!  I’ve done almost all my shopping online and it has been GREAT.  I finally finished our ‘year in review’ book yesterday and it’s on the printing press right now.  I’m really happy with it.  It’s VERY time consuming, I can’t even count the hours I spent on it, but it’s so worth it to have that keepsake.  Mixbook had a deal for 50% off, ending today, so I wanted to make sure I got in on that deal.  I had 7 books printed, and because of the ridiculous amount of extra pages per book (it’s a 57 page book!...and that was with scaling back!) it would have been $61 PER BOOK!!!  And then shipping on top of that.  INSANE.  But it was half price, so I saved $230.  Amazing!  I don’t think I’d be able to justify the price if it wasn’t on sale, but luckily they always do this deal around this time of year so I make sure the book is done in time for it.  I love Mixbook, I actually have several other books in the works, but I’m taking a bit of a break from it for the time being.

It’s weird that in 2 weeks we’ll be getting decorated for Christmas.  Even though I’m fairly prepared already gift wise, it still feels like Xmas should be a long time off.  It’s going to be exciting though - Andrew of course will be completely wound up, but the girls will be, too.  They don’t totally understand and I’m sure don’t remember last Christmas, but they’ll sometimes mention Christmas and Santa in the right context, so I have a feeling they’re going to be over the moon with it all.

Once again we weren’t able to stay for reading time in Andrew’s class this morning due to our colds, so when we got home the girls decided they wanted to go out and play in the yard.  It was -2 when we took Andrew to school, and had to be about the same or colder when we went out, because it was icy and frosty and COOOOLD.  But we were bundled up, and the girls enjoyed sweeping the leaves of the decks, both front and back, and then playing on their slide and climber in the backyard. It’s nice to have that option, even if it was fairly short-lived given the cold.  The girls’ little fingers were bright red they were so cold, but I can’t get them to keep gloves on for more than a minute.  So glad we live somewhere mild enough that it doesn’t really matter!


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