Post flu mist update (and other stories)

Something I forgot to add to all the craziness of last night was how cute Andrew was about the whole thing.  While we were waiting for the paramedics to arrive, he kept bringing toys over to Margaret and Emily and said, ‘I just feel so bad for my sisters, I want to bring them toys to try to make them feel better!  I just feel so BAD for them!’  It was so sweet.  He was of course chatting up the paramedics, too, telling them all about his Halloween costume and the treat bag he made for it and about the toys he has.  One of them was holding some of the toys and he said, ‘You can’t take those with you, those are mine!’  LOL

It is SOOOOO COOOOOLD.  It’s been freezing for the past few days.  James was going to cycle to work today but it was -4 so he decided not to.  For us, that’s reeeeally cold!  It’s super sunny, and it has been nice to see bright blue skies the past few days, but I could do without the frost.  We’ve been cranking up the furnace a lot, and I’m hoping we can go get a load of fire wood this weekend so we can start having somewhat regular fires in the fireplace.  I’d love to have them often but basically I don’t feel comfortable starting a fire till close to when the girls go to bed, so that they can enjoy looking at it for a few but then they’re in bed and we don’t have to worry about them.  Obviously I DOUBT they’d do anything silly around the fire, but an adult would have to ALWAYS be in the same room as them if we had a fire going, no exceptions, and that’s complicated.  Sometimes we need to go to the kitchen or bathroom or whatever, so it doesn’t make sense to have a fire going earlier in the day.

I love that the girls are more and more at an age where they understand things and are learning what’s ok and what’s not.  The past few days I’ve actually had Emily come up to me several times with things she feels are inappropriate and hands me the item and says, ‘Not for babies.’  Or she’ll point out that something is ‘safe babies.’  It’s so cute.  She talks so much, and says so many little sentences.  Margaret is more and more as well.  Sometimes I notice she mimics some of what Emily says, but they also just have their own ways of speaking.  This morning Margaret came running into the kitchen requesting, ‘Watermelon, please!’  LOL  I have no idea what made her say that as it wasn’t in the past few days that she had any, but we just so happened to have a few slices in the fridge so she was able to have some.  Such a random thing, but that’s what she was thinking about!

I should probably mention, in update to yesterday’s post, I don’t think the red bumps are chicken pox.  If they were, they’d be spreading and getting worse, but they haven’t multiplied at all and they’re not looking any worse.  They don’t look better either, but no worse is a good sign, at least somewhat!  Emily had a fever through the night, and James was up with her for a while around 3am to give her some cuddles and then she went back to sleep, and all 3 kids slept in a bit later than usual.  I’ve definitely noticed both girls seem a bit out of sorts today compared to usual, and both have cold symptoms, although we were told that’s normal for a few days after the Flu Mist (Andrew is showing the same symptoms and I swear he can’t possibly have an actual cold because he just got over back to back colds!!)  I have to say I’m somewhat wary about the flu mist at this point.  On the one hand, we’ll see - maybe they’ll just have these ‘minor’ symptoms and won’t get any sicknesses this winter that are more than mild.  But so far, just what we’ve dealt with since they got it, feels like exactly what we wanted it for - to prevent going through all of this!  I guess no pain, no gain, but still.  We’ve never had any ill effects from the flu shot before (no pun intended) so I’m a bit surprised at the effect on the kids this year.  Maybe getting the shot instead of the mist would be better?


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