Our tree is gone

Shortly after the girls and I got home from dropping Andrew off at school this morning, a big truck pulled up outside of our house and workers started clearcutting the trees in our neighbourhood.  First they took down the one in the yard next to ours, and then they cut ours down.  Just like that, our tree is gone.  I feel kind of sick about it.  We had a feeling it was going to happen eventually, as about 6 months ago they clearcut the ones in the little cul de sac across from us, and there were green tags on all the trees in the complex.  But we kept hoping it wouldn’t happen, and for the most part forgot about it because they hadn’t ever come back.  
It looks TERRIBLE, and we have completely lost all privacy in the front of our house.  If we open the blinds in our bedroom, we look right over to a window in the townhouse across from us.  Which means if they look through that window they can not only see into our bedroom, but they can see our dining room and kitchen as well!  I feel way too exposed now.  It will be noisier for us, too, when cars go by, because we don’t have that tree as a barrier anymore.

The thing that bugs me the most is that they didn’t even give us any warning that they’d be doing that today.  It would have been nice to be able to wrap our heads around it.  That’s something that bugs me sometimes about rentals.  They don’t seem to assume that we live here thinking of it as our own home.  This isn’t just their townhouse that we rent, we have made this our home even if we don’t officially own it.  I know we don’t get the final say with things like keeping trees or not (although I have NO IDEA why they’ve done this, it was a stupid move unless they have some sort of fantastic plans to extend the yard spaces or something, which I highly doubt!) but having warning and knowing what’s going on would give us a better sense of community and make us feel more respected as tenants.  I wish our place was under different ownership and things were gone about differently.  I would do things so differently if I was in charge of it!!

Our dining room is definitely a lot brighter now, and I know I’ll get used to this change over time.  I think it’s just sad to see a tree that’s been growing there for about 30 years just cut down like that.  It wasn’t dead or dying, it was a perfectly good tree!  And while I’m glad they kept one, the one they left behind (which looks weird because it grew behind the big tree so it’d warped looking from not growing properly in sunlight...but anyway) is the one that sheds leaves all over our yard like crazy several times a year!!  So we got to keep that one, but not the one that just did it’s own thing and didn’t bother anyone.  LOL  Awesome :S


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