Little Miss Grumpy Pants

The girls were over the fever part (of whatever it is they have) today, and while Margaret still has a few dots on her back they’re lighter and the ones on her belly and leg are almost gone.  So we can rule out chicken pox, THANK GAWD.  All 3 kids seem SO stuffed up and major cold symptoms, but Emily was the worst today.  She was really snotty and it was making her miserable.  I felt so bad for her.  Her face was all red and you could just tell she wasn’t feeling good.  Sometime when she gets upset she gets into a mode where she doesn’t know WHAT she wants, she just knows she doesn’t like how things are.  If I suggest cuddles, she pulls away and says,’ NO!’ and it gets her even more worked up.  If I suggest getting her cozy with a blanket she freaks more.  A snack?  More screaming.  You get the drift!  It can be really frustrating, but ultimately the reason she’s doing it is because SHE’S frustrated, and she can’t vocalize it.  I always have to take a deep breath and not let myself get annoyed by the freaking out part!  It doesn’t usually last all that long anyway.  Sometimes it works to just walk away and let her know if she needs anything I’m there, but give her a bit of space.

This morning was tough because I knew she was feeling unwell, and yet I had to get her dressed and bundled up to go out into the cold (which was -5 when James left for work, and I don’t think it was much warmer when we went to school).  She was so upset being out in the cold and just wanted me to carry her, which worked out OK because Margaret was fine with walking.  (I could carry them both if I had to, for a little while, but they’re both exactly 27.8lbs as of last week, so I’d rather not if I don’t have to!!)  (Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but here’s a huge difference in Margaret and Emily’s personalities - when we get to Andrew’s school, they know they have to hold my hand till we get to the fence, and then they can run because we’re in the school yard and it’s safe.  As soon as she knows she’s allowed, Margaret let’s go of my hand and charges away....Whereas Emily doesn’t let go of my hand at all until we’re practically outside of Andrew’s classroom.  If I happened to let go of her hand for any reason, she would protest!)  

We haven’t been able to participate in Family Reading Time in the mornings the past few days because I don’t want the kids in Andrew’s class catching the girls’ cold if possible (even though Andrew has the same symptoms for the most part…)  They’ve been really good about it, even though I know they’re itching to get back into that classroom!  But this morning Emily was just so cold and when we got back to the van she was bawling her eyes out and screaming, and then that seemed to set Margaret off and then she was crying too and it must have been a sight for the other parents because they were both screaming and crying and saying, ‘HUG, HUUUUG!’  I gave them both a shoulder to cry on (good thing I’ve got two of those!!) and then they got into their seats with the promise of a couple of Tic Tac’s each to tide them over till we got home for breakfast LOL.  Oh, but how can I forget, before they settled down, Emily cried so hard she threw up.  ‘Luckily’ I was wearing a scarf and had something to clean it up with!  (Unluckily for my scarf) =S  What can I say, accessories take on new meanings when you’re a mom.


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