Amazing what a little sleep can do...

It’s amazing what a little extra sleep does for a person’s psyche!  I am always so sleep deprived, and last night I really felt it catching up to me.  I went to bed a little over an hour earlier than usual, and slept pretty well, and felt SO much better this morning than I usually do.  I also had a cat nap during the girls’ nap time to refresh myself for the afternoon, and I feel so much better for it.

Knock on wood because I don’t want to jinx it, but the girls have been sleeping SO WELL for their naps lately.  They’re due to wake up any minute, but they’ve been sleeping for OVER TWO HOURS so far without a peep!  Usually they sleep for about an hour and a half, but when it’s two hours that’s such a bonus for me.  I’ll even take the hour and a half!  Of course you never know for sure if they’ll even sleep that long, but it’s been going pretty well for a while now.  Ever since they switched to their toddler beds.  I was so sure it would be a nightmare, especially with Margaret not being the greatest sleeper to begin with, but it’s amazing how good they are.  They’ve been sleeping more through the night, or just one wake up, but unfortunately changing the clocks back an hour last weekend has messed things up so that they get up at 5am and James can’t get them to go back to sleep.  They were doing fairly well for sleeping till around 6 before the time change.  Hopefully we can get them sleeping a little longer in the mornings, for James’ sake most of all!

I feel like we’re in a good routine lately.  Of course, this is the ‘not sleep deprived’ Elizabeth talking.  A few days ago I was feeling so overwhelmed and like I just wanted to throw in the towel (of course I never actually would!)  But over all, I feel like we have a pretty good system going.  I do miss Andrew during the day, it’s not that I’m ‘happy’ he’s at school, but I think it’s really good for him, and good for us.  It’s nice to have that time to devote to the babies and not feel like Andrew is bored or annoyed that we’re not doing something more geared to his interests.  I love that he comes home from school with stories to tell about the day, and yesterday he was actually teaching ME about taste buds and which areas of the tongue taste different things.  I knew a bit about that but had forgot the facts over the years, and now he’s teaching me!  I like that we get the chance to spend some time at the school for the girls’ sake, so they, too, get some social interaction and something a little different than they’re used to at home.  I have a good system for where I park and ‘my spot’ is available 99% of the time, which I like, and it just feels like everything has fallen into place and the things I was worried about before school started aren’t even issues anymore.

We (well, let’s face it, ‘I’) got us all undecorated from Halloween the morning of the 1st.  We’re back to our usual decor and I feel like outside is boring right now, but I know it’s only a matter of weeks before we’ll be starting to get decorated for Christmas!  It feels like time is such a whirlwind these days, why is it that it seems to go by faster and faster the older we get?!  I can’t believe it will be Christmas, and part of me isn’t ready to get excited about that yet, but at the same time I’ve already started my Christmas shopping because I don’t want to be worrying about it all at the last minute.  My plan is to be COMPLETELY FINISHED Christmas shopping by December 1st so that December can be about enjoying the holidays and getting into Christmas baking and just spending time with family without the stress of gift buying taking over and making us all wonder what Christmas is about!  

I’m going to post this because I have a ‘sense’ that the girls will be up any second.  Interestingly I tend to have a strong sense with Margaret, less so with Emily.  Which is not to say I’m closer to Margaret because I feel equally close to all my kids, truthfully.  I think Emily is just a better sleeper and would probably sleep all afternoon long if no one disrupted her, so she’s just off in la la land!  But with Margaret, I will often suddenly get this ‘feeling’, just like a sense that I can’t explain and it will make me think, ‘Margaret’ and then boom, she’s calling my name on the monitor.  Sometimes it will happen when they’ve only been asleep a short time and I’ll think, ‘NO NO NO’ and try to push her out of my brain LOL.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t =D


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