All I want for Christmas is...a mould free house?!!

Andrew has a pro-d day today so during the babies’ nap time we went to the mall to do a bit of Christmas shopping together.  (James worked from home, which made this plan possible!)  He got his Christmas presents for Daddy and also picked out one for Papa.  Then we went and got a treat from DQ - a Candy Cane Chill Blizzard.  He loved it so much that he said he’s going to marry it when he grows up!!

I dropped him off with my mom so they can have some time together, and when the girls wake up from their nap (they’ve been asleep for almost 2.5 hours already!!) we’ll head over to my parents’ house for a few hours, just to get away from our house for a while.

Yesterday we had a more professional person come to assess the mould in our under the stairs area, and I was feeling really positive that things were going to be fixed properly, and in a timely fashion.  Everything the guy said was great, and I do believe he meant everything he said, but unfortunately the Mickey Mouse crew that everything has to go through once his recommendations were made are making it not go quite as planned.  I’m now feeling worried about what they’re doing, how they’re going about it, and who will be doing the most crucial work to actually fix the problem.  Unfortunately rather than something more ‘simple’ like a slow leak from the pipes leading to the washing machine, which is what we’d suspected might be the issue, it is looking like a much more serious problem with a pipe leaking UNDERNEATH THE CONCRETE FLOOR.  So it’s quite likely they will have to jackhammer the entire floor under the stairs.  At this point 3-4 walls have to be cut and replaced, the carpet in half our living room has to be replaced...It’ll be nice when it’s all done and we’re finished with this but for the time being I feel like I can’t relax.  To make matters worse, the guy yesterday assured me they’d take extra precautions to section the area off and spray stuff before cutting the walls to minimize the dust/mould becoming airborne etc.  But because the Mickey Mouse crew was sent back (which he said he didn’t even want them LOOKING at it again let alone touching it) half of one wall was taken out without any precautions and by the time I realized what they were doing it was too late.  I could literally SEE the dust coming out of the closet toward me and the kids!  I got them upstairs quickly, but the fact is that dust and grossness is in our house, and a lot of it I’m sure I breathed in.  I’m so annoyed by how things are done around here, it’s really not OK.  In fact, after getting the paperwork from the guy yesterday that said the mould does not pose ‘an immediate health risk’, management called us to suggest that this is not an urgent matter because we’re not at risk from the mould yet!  Seriously!  That’s the way they think, in order to save money as long as possible.  But I called back and made a stink about it so they sent these guys to do what they did...SIGH.  I wish it wasn’t so expensive to live around here, or we’d be moving soon FOR SURE.  I just can’t imagine having to go through that whole process right now, though, and we have a lot more to think about now that Andrew’s in school.  I also really love his school so a part of me wouldn’t want to leave the area because of that, although part of me thinks in the next couple of years we really should think about trying out a new city altogether.

For now, fingers crossed they get this job done SOON and they do it right the first time...I want to get the house decorated for Christmas!


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