The girls' Frozen-themed 2nd birthday party

Yesterday we had the girls’ birthday party.  They’ll be TWO on Tuesday!  I still can’t get over that.

We had a Frozen themed party for them and it was such a hit!  I stayed up way too late the night before putting up the decorations and getting things organized.  Normally I’d be totally annoyed that Christmas decorations are ALREADY in stores, but I felt like I lucked out at the dollar store with the 3 big snowflake decorations I bought the day before the party.  I just happened to be there...and just happened to see them...and I feel like the decor was really brought together by those snowflakes.

The girls only napped for about 15 minutes yesterday, which was a bit frustrating, but Andrew and I managed to decorate the cupcakes (that I’d made first thing in the morning) in that time, and got the ‘Pin the nose on the Olaf’ game set up.  When Margaret and Emily came downstairs they were so excited to see Olaf (or, ‘Offoff’ as they call him!)  When I got them dressed in their birthday outfits - Anna/Elsa t-shirts with a big ‘2’ and their names on them, and super adorable blue tutu skirts, and their new black sparkly shoes) they were SO excited.  They absolutely love clothes, especially Emily.  They were twirling around in the skirts, and were so excited about their Frozen shirts.  ‘Oooh, pretty!’ Emily kept saying.  

For the food we decided to make things easier for ourselves, and had the event catered with Greek food from a restaurant nearby.  We also got some chips and cheesies and nibbly type foods but the Greek food was the main and it was SO DELICIOUS, everyone really seemed to enjoy it.  It was nice to do something different than what we usually do, and so much easier for us to just order in.

For the cake we got a big Dairy Queen ice cream cake (which in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with!) and I added some Frozen cake toppers to it.  I was really happy with how it turned out.  We’ve been told by people with twins that you should ALWAYS get two separate cakes to make sure the twins always feel like individuals, and last year I made giant cupcake cakes for each girl to ‘smash’ into for their 1st birthday.  This year we had one cake (the ice cream one) that said, ‘Happy 2nd Birthday Margaret & Emily’ on it.  Then with the cupcakes Andrew and I made we had one that had an ‘M’ and one with an ‘E’ and each girl got their own cupcake (with 2 candles each, that they managed to blow out all on their own!) to devour as they wished while we went and cut up the ice cream cake.  Truth be told I don’t think they had any of the actual cake (ice cream), but that’s just because they’d had enough by then with their cupcakes.  One day we might do two separate cakes again, but truthfully I plan on the girls KNOWING they’re individuals, but at the same time being comfortable with being twins.  At this age I don’t think 2 cakes is so important, but they got their separate cupcakes anyway, and they seemed to love them!  Last year was a whole different experience because they hadn’t really had sweets much before their birthday, whereas now (not that they get a ton of sugar because they don’t, but!) sometimes they’ll just randomly yell out, ‘CHOC-AT!’ because they’ve decided they want some, or Margaret will scream, ‘CAAAANNNDDDDYYYYY!’  LOL  But they NEVER get a WHOLE CUPCAKE complete with icing given to them so they were pretty much thrilled!

It was all family at the party.  I thought of inviting a few friends and their kids but I think we’ll stick with ‘just family’ for the first several birthdays and then they can invite their friends once we start doing ‘all friends’ parties, which we’ll be doing for Andrew this year.  (He already has 4 new friends in his class that he talks about every of whom seems to quite like him as she gave him a card she made with hearts all over it!!  Yet he claims it’s ANOTHER girl who is his girlfriend...LOL)  Including the 5 of us there were 13 people at the party.  

The girls had a blast just spending time with everyone, and of course everyone got a kick out of them because they say such cute and funny things.  Andrew was super moody before the party and I had to threaten to put him upstairs in his room and not let him even be a part of the party, it was that bad.  Then the party started and he completely switched gears, thank goodness.  He was a bit obsessed with when I’d let him have one of the Frozen lollipops, and after that when it would be time for cake (can you tell my kids all inherited my sweet tooth?!) but he was really good over all, and enjoyed ‘helping’ the girls open all their presents.  I think he was pleasantly surprised that they got toys that he would enjoy too, and he has already claimed several of the cake topper characters (the set came with all the main Frozen characters, although I only put Elsa, Anna, and Olaf on the cake).  The girls got a great assortment of stuff and while it’s of course a lot of stuff, it didn’t feel over the top which was nice.  James and I gave them musical Anna and Elsa dolls (Barbie size), Andrew gave them Tinkerbell nightgowns (which are ADORABLE and he picked them out all by himself, the girls LOVE them!), and Fifi gave them some tights with cats on them, and some socks with foxes on them.  My parents got them some play strollers for their dolls (that they LOVE, they used to have some but had destroyed them over time...well, they destroyed the new ones a few hours after their party...but we’re going to try to fix them and make them more sturdy!!), kid-Anna and Elsa dolls with some trolls, and several cute outfits, my bro and sil got them several cute dresses and as well brought them back some t-shirts from their recent trip to Berlin.  My aunt and uncle got them some bristle blocks (which Andrew is also loving!), a ballerina puzzle, some cozy jammies and an outfit, and my cousins got them some cute sweaters and Minnie Mouse toys.  So it was nice that they got some new toys but I love that they got so many cute outfits!  I LOVE their clothes and they look so ridiculously cute in everything, it really is something that makes me so happy - dressing my kids and enjoying their outfits!  Andrew too, of course!  He’s absolutely adorable and every bit the clothes horse as his sisters =)

Everyone seemed to have a good time, and the kids were all so well behaved.  The girls went to bed SO easily (unlike the night before when they ran around upstairs and refused to sleep till almost 10pm…) but unfortunately didn’t sleep through the night as we’d thought they would after such a big day.  Margaret has been sleeping horribly this past week.  Here’s hoping the age of 2 will be the magical age when both girls start sleeping through the night on a regular basis...although I’m not sure why I’m even saying that, given that Andrew was nearly 4 by the time he started sleeping well!!!  But here’s hoping, anyway =)


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