Countdown to Halloween

Even though I feel like I have some sort of flu bug and really shouldn’t have gone anywhere at all today, Andrew and I ventured out to a huge Halloween store in Queensborough (New West) for some mommy/son time (after first purchasing a new car seat for one of the girls - we are going to start forward facing them now, which is exciting...I know a lot of people have issues with this and think rear facing for as long as possible is best, but we feel the girls are ready and it’s going to be nice to be able to actually see them in the rear view mirror now!)

The Halloween shop is HUGE, and I think it’s a new tradition that we will go there each year.  Last year I went but Andrew wasn’t with me, so today was his first time seeing all the creepy real-seeming zombies and witches and ghouls and so on.  They have tons of cool displays set up where you step on a little thing that says, ‘Step here’, which triggers the character to start doing its thing.  A zombie girl started begging for help and then lunged forward toward us and I thought Andrew was going to go right through the roof, he jumped so high!  You could hear kids crying and screaming throughout the entire store.  LOL  It was awesome!  Haha.  Andrew loved it, he wasn’t being tortured being there, it was his dream come true.  Halloween has been his favourite day of the year since he was two if I recall correctly, so this store was right up his alley.

We mostly got little decoration type things (I find the store fun to look at but it’s crazy expensive for what it is) and one ‘major’ purchase (a zombie baby...of course!) only because we had a 20% off coupon to use.  A zombie baby is on Andrew’s Christmas wish list (yes he already wrote his letter to Santa, what can I say, the boy likes to be prepared!) and I knew it would be difficult for Santa to get back to the Halloween store in order to put a zombie baby away for Christmas I decided to get it for him as an early Christmas gift.  It’s also a really cool Halloween decoration for our collection, so really, we all win.  I’ve decided I want to wait to decorate till after the girls’ birthday it’s quite likely our house will be decked out in ghosts and pumpkins and skeletons galore by their actual birthday.  Which is fitting, actually.  When we came into the house today with the zombie baby, Emily saw it first and said really enthusiastically, ‘Oooooh, pretty!’ (which means I can no longer feel special when she comments on how ‘pretty’ my hair or my outfit is, because all I’ll see in my mind is the zombie baby...but oh well).  I thought she should have been frightened by how creepy it was, but the truth is, instead of a mobile the girls spent their first several weeks of life looking up at a really creepy witch that we had on the mantle in our old living room.  They were basically Halloween babies - I had decorated the house a few weeks before they were born in anticipation of not being able to once they arrived, so their first experience of living with us was a house full of creepy ornaments!  We even bought a life-size skeleton to add to our collection last year.  Halloween is in their blood!


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