Kindergarten success

Andrew is LOVING Kindergarten, I’m so excited for him.  Yesterday he was there for an hour and a half, today it was a little over 3 hours, tomorrow will be 4, and then on Monday he starts all day.  He attended his very first ever assembly this morning!  I thought I was going to be super emotional about him starting school, and I’m definitely noticing the change and I know there are going to be times when I’ll miss how our lives were before this, but I’m finding myself so excited to hear about his day and I love knowing that he will have memories of his own from this experience that he’ll carry with him his whole life.

It’s a lot more tiring for me now - I get up half an hour earlier than I used to just so I can get myself ready before James leaves for work.  I could get up later but then I’d have whiny children bugging at me the entire time I’m trying to get sorted for the day, and truthfully I prefer losing a bit of sleep and keeping my sanity intact (at least for those few minutes while I get ready!)  James has been enjoying seeing me ready for the day in the morning - not that he doesn’t love me even in my jammies with bed head or whatever, but he’s not used to seeing me dressed to go out with my makeup done (the little bit that I wear, it’s not much!)  In some ways it’s nice to be ready for the day so early, but at the same time so far I’ve been having to change when I get home from dropping Andrew off anyway, because it decided to start raining on his first day of school and has rained every morning since.  It’s not cold, but the rain sucks.  I miss summer already!  Anyway, it’s somewhat frustrating getting the stroller in and out of the car so many times every day and having to weigh the pros and cons of letting the babies out of it at the school, since Margaret in particular loves to run off when I tell her to get back in.  But I know eventually we’ll be so used to the routine that it won’t be a big deal anymore.

Today was the longest Andrew has EVER been in a class situation (just over 3 hours) and when we got home I asked him if it felt like a long time to be there and he said, ‘No, it felt like I was there for 5 minutes!’  I take that as a very good sign that he’s enjoying himself, and there’s so much going on that he doesn’t think about the time.  He needed this, actually, because he’s been getting so antsy at home lately and in need of more than I can give him given the girls and their needs, so I’m happy that he’s started this new adventure.


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