It's all about me...for a few hours at least!

I got my hair cut today.  My hair was longer than it had ever been in my life, and was about halfway down my back.  It took a long time to grow it out, and there were times when I enjoyed it, but in the last few months I realized that really long hair is not for me.  I am actually vowing to never again in my life grow my hair THAT long.  It just isn’t comfortable, and I either don’t have the time or simply can’t be bothered doing things with it such as curling it or following through on cute hairstyles found on Pinterest, so it feels like long hair is lost on me.

Before she did anything else, my hairdresser chopped off about 4 inches of hair and tossed it.  I literally felt the weight lift off my shoulders!  I definitely made the right decision.  I now have a graduated bob, where it’s shorter in the back than the front, and my bangs are an angled fringe.  (Not sure if I’m using the correct hair lingo, but that’s the gist!)  I also splurged this time and got my hair coloured as well, with a brown colour that’s a shade or two darker than my natural hair, and then lowlights in a vibrant-ish red/pink colour.  It’s not as vibrant/wild as it sounds, it’s quite subtle and I think I’d get more of the red put in next time to give it a bit more of an edge, but I love the way it turned out.  It feels light, it will be so much easier to dry and style, and it feels like it has a lot more personality.  I’m not saying long hair doesn’t look good on other people, but for me it just felt boring.  I love this short ‘do!

It was also somewhat therapeutic for me to have several hours out on my own, where I was actually doing something FOR ME.  I don’t really take proper care of myself, I think.  I always put other people before me, particularly my kids, because I want to provide everything FOR THEM and when it comes to me, well, I tend to just put myself on the back burner.  I keep putting off taking care of myself.  I felt so much better today when I got home from having spent several hours away.  It’s been a long time since I did that.  I was probably gone for about 6 hours and that might not seem like a long time, but it was huge for me to get that time for me.  

When I came in, I had hot spaghetti and garlic bread waiting for me, which was AWESOME of James to make because I hadn’t eaten in so many hours and on the drive home was secretly hoping he’d have made a dinner like that!  Andrew complimented me on my hair right away and wanted kisses, Margaret wanted a cuddle, and Emily had the sweetest reaction of all.  She came over and touched my hair and actually looked at it front to back and grinned and said, ‘Ooooh, pretty!!’  A few minutes later she was behind me and she pointed at the back of my head and said, ‘COOL, COOL!’  LOL  It was SO cute, she really genuinely seems to love my hair.  She’s quite into fashion and whatnot so I do take it as a compliment =)

I feel a little better about myself with my new hair.  I still have to get used to it because when I catch sight of myself in the mirror I don’t look quite how I remember myself, but it’s a good change!


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