Done with cribs...

The girls are both talking up a storm these days.  Emily still says more sentences than Margaret but they both have a huge vocabulary already.  Way more than what Andrew was saying at this age.  The other day on James’ way out the door to work, the hood of his jacket hit the wreath Andrew and I made and one of the pinecones we’d glued on fell off.  Emily say it and said, ‘Oh GAWD, he broke it!’  LOL  It was HILARIOUS.  I fully admit, I say, ‘Oh my gawd’ A LOT and have since I was a teenager, I can’t help it.  So of course she’s picked up on that, it’s just funny that she understands the context in which to use it.  

So, BIG NEWS...On Andrew’s very first day of school (Sept 23rd) Margaret figured out how to climb out of her crib on her own.  My mil had come over to watch the girls so I could take Andrew to his first day on my own.  When we got home we were sitting at the dining room table and heard Margaret, but we thought we were just hearing her on the monitor and one of us would go get her in a minute.  No sooner did my mil get up to go get her, we could hear her bounding down the stairs and then there she was, with a big cheeky grin on her face, obviously very proud of her accomplishment.  Emily was still sound asleep and hadn’t seen what her sister had done, so we hoped Margaret would just ‘forget’ and not do it again for a while.  She was fine for a day but then on Friday at nap time, JUST as I was about to get started on a project I was hoping to finish (it was my first day, too, of the babies’ nap time coinciding with Andrew being at school, so literally my first chance for ‘me time’ in ages) I heard Emily on the monitor say, ‘Naughty Emmy!’ and then I heard a bang against their bedroom door.  (Emily was actually saying naughty MARGARET, but they both call each other Emmy still).  So I went and opened their bedroom door and sure enough, Margaret was out of her crib with that cheeky grin again.  Only this time, just as I opened the door to witness it, Emily was being an escape artist too, and she slid out of the crib so effortlessly, like she’d done it a hundred times even though I know it was the first time for her.

They didn’t nap AT ALL on Friday, which made for a very long day for me.  It’s hard enough getting into the groove of getting up earlier to take Andrew to school, getting the girls back home afterwards, going back to get him in the afternoon...I was REALLY hoping that I was going to get a bit of a ‘break’ in the day now that Andrew would be taken care of at school, and the girls would be napping...I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself losing that freedom because they chose the same time as Andrew starting school to be little big shots and not be in cribs anymore.

In one last ditch effort to keep them ‘confined,’ we did what several moms of twins had recommended to me - take the piece of the crib out that holds the mattress up off the floor and just have the mattress directly on the floor, just with the frame around it.  

‘It will be too low to the ground for your babies to escape,’ they said.  ‘You’ll be able to keep them confined for at least a few more months,’ they said.


At 5:50am the next morning, BOTH GIRLS were outside our bedroom door, Margaret the ring leader beating on it to wake us up…….!!!!!

So our little plan didn’t trick them.  We had no choice but to convert their cribs to toddler beds, so that’s our new situation.  On Saturday morning James got the beds converted, just in time for them to go for their naps.  He decided it would ‘take a BIT more time’ but would be easy to get them down for their nap.  Well, it was an absolute STRUGGLE for about an hour and a half, close to 2 hours.  Margaret kept getting up and crying when we said she had to go back to bed.  Then both babies pooped their diapers.  Twice.  Then Margaret kept getting into Emily’s bed and I would hear poor Emily on the monitor saying, ‘No!  MY bed!  NOOOO!  Emmy’s bed!  MY BED MYYYYY BEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!’  I’d go in and Margaret would be sprawled out on Emily’s bed with her arms up behind her head, grinning away!  She is such a little scamp, that one.  And there was Emily, crying, just wanting to settle in and go to sleep.  I left and went back downstairs, and a few minutes later heard Emily on the monitor saying, ‘GO night night.  GO night night.  GO NIGHT NIGHT!’  And then Margaret yelled back, ‘NOOOO!’  LOL  That right there tells you their personalities, seriously.  It was so them.  Emily loves her sleep and I bet if she was a singleton she’d have slept in her crib no problems till she was 3 if we’d kept her in there!  She loves her sleep and that’s all there is to it!  But Margaret, being the little instigator that she is, and not being one to sleep longer than she has to, changed it for both of them.

When I heard Margaret gargling her milk on the monitor I was about to head back up and sternly tell her one more time to GO TO SLEEP.  But soon it was quiet and they’d FINALLY drifted off.  Margaret only slept for maybe 45 minutes but Emily continued to sleep quite a while after that.  Last night was their first night in their big girl beds, and it went a lot better than we’d expected.  Margaret did get up several times before she finally settled, and Emily got a bit annoyed with her for making so much noise but eventually they were both sound asleep.  

When I went to go to bed, I looked in on them and couldn’t see Emily in her bed.  I thought maybe she’d got into Margaret’s bed with her, but I could just see Margaret’s feet sticking out off the side off the mattress.  No Emily.  She had fallen out of bed, obviously, and was asleep on her tummy by the bureau that’s in between the two beds!  It was hilarious and I took a picture before I picked her up and got her back into her bed.

A few days have passed since I wrote the above...The girls are mostly doing well in their new ‘big girl bed’ situation, although their napping has become a lot less predictable.  Margaret’s never been the greatest napper but now she either naps really well, or not at all.  And when she doesn’t nap at all, she tends to take Emily down with her.  Yesterday, when James had the day off work and was able to give me time to nap regardless of whether the girls napped, they slept for 2 hours.  Today when I was on my own with no help at all, they napped for less than 10 minutes.  Murphy’s Law, or…?!!!


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