Andrew's first visit from the Tooth Fairy

On Sunday, August 31st, Andrew lost his very first tooth!  It just so happened to be the very first baby tooth that came in (bottom front left).  His bottom front right tooth is probably going to come out tomorrow.  My baby boy is growing up too fast!

He bit into a fork several weeks ago, which definitely helped spur along the loose tooth, but I think it was going to be happening anyway.  I just can’t believe he’s already at this stage.  I love his baby teeth so much, I hope his adult teeth come in as straight and as beautifully as his baby teeth did!

Andrew is quite the little hoarder, he doesn’t like to part with ANYTHING, and so of course when we discussed the tooth going under his pillow and the Tooth Fairy exchanging it for money, he wasn’t having any of it!  He said that he wanted to keep his very first tooth, and after that he’d be happy to give them to the Tooth Fairy.  Besides, he said, ‘I don’t really spend my money anyway, and I’ve got tons of it already, so I don’t really need the dollar, but the tooth on the other hand…!’  LOL  He’s a character.

The Tooth Fairy understood his desire to keep his tooth, but at the same time felt bad that she wasn’t getting to do her job, so she visited Andrew anyway and left him a glittery letter!  She congratulated him on being so brave when his first tooth came out, and promised to take good care of his teeth when he leaves them under his pillow in the future.  She also reminded him how important it is to brush and floss.

I was all excited when I got up in the morning, fully expecting him to tell me all about the letter as soon as he heard me get up, but when I went into his room to quickly make his bed before heading downstairs I saw that the letter was on the floor, as was his pillow.  They must have fallen off the bed when he got up and he wasn’t expecting the Tooth Fairy to visit so he didn’t even think to check.  I took the letter downstairs with me and told him I’d found it under his pillow when I was making his bed, and he was VERY excited!  He was thrilled that the Tooth Fairy visited anyway, despite that he was keeping the tooth, and he was relieved to know she didn’t find it in the Tiffany box he was storing it in on one of his shelves!  (The only Tiffany box this house has ever seen, which by the way had a baby rattle in it that he got when he was a baby...I don’t happen to own any fancy Tiffany jewels, which I’m totally OK with!)  

Because he now had a letter to go with the tooth and it would be awkward to fit in the Tiffany box, Andrew insisted we find him an envelope for the letter, which he wrote ‘Letter from Tooth Fairy’ on the front of in big 5 year old lettering, and then I had to make a teensy little envelope to glue to the back of the big envelope to put his tooth in.  I swear it’s his new most prized possession.

What a huge milestone!


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