Andrew's first day of Kindergarten. (Sort of).

Today was Andrew’s very first day of Kindergarten.

I was so nervous (yes me, not him, he literally had zero apprehension about going) and then the actual experience ended up being a total let down.  We were so excited and had built up the day so much and then we got there only to discover that ALL they wanted us to do today was sign up for an ‘interview time’ for tomorrow.  The kindergarten teachers weren’t even there introducing themselves and making the kids feel like it was a special day.  It was just an empty room (not even the kindergarten classroom!) with a signup sheet.  Not how I’d expect the first day of school to be.

I took Andrew to White Spot for breakfast so he’d at least feel like we’d done SOMETHING special on this so-called ‘big day.’  It felt like such an important milestone to be starting school and I didn’t want it to go uncelebrated.  So we went and had pancakes and strawberry waffles and did some colouring and I think he really enjoyed that (as did I).  My aunt and uncle were over looking after the girls so we could do the school thing (and breakfast) just the two of us.

Tomorrow my mil is going to stay with the girls while I take Andrew to the interview.  It’s kind of lame knowing that his second day of school is just a 15 minute interview, but at least we have a better idea of what to expect!  And at least we’ll actually know who his teacher is and see his classroom.  They start off gradual from Wed-Fri this week and then starting next Monday it’s all day till 3pm.  Usually they transition over the span of two weeks but because of the teacher’s strike and already losing 2 weeks of the year, they’re doing it in just one week.  I definitely think it will be an adjustment for Andrew, and this is where kids used to full time daycare will have an advantage, but at the same time Andrew is very outgoing and I think he will adapt quickly.  Certain things about being there all day might be challenging, but I think it’s the same for anyone starting a really different new routine.  Once he gets the hang of it, I know Andrew’s going to really enjoy school, and I know it’s going to be good for him.

I got a good vibe from the school and the people I did encounter, despite that it wasn’t any of the teachers.  I think that while certain things will frustrate me about the school system and the logistics of drop off/pick up, I also think this new routine is going to be good for me, as well as for Andrew.  I just can’t believe he’s already starting actual SCHOOL.  Next week when he starts full time, it’s really going to have to sink in that THIS IS HAPPENING, and I’m feeling a bit emotional just thinking about it!


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