Robin Williams will be missed

I really enjoyed Saturday morning, and we weren’t even doing anything, really.  After the shock of Robin Williams dying last week, we decided it was time to show Mrs. Doubtfire to Andrew.  Our usual weekend routine tends to consist of me getting to sleep an extra hour or so than I do during the week, then James inevitably is exhausted and goes back to bed shortly after I get up.  I completely understand his need for a break/rest so I don’t begrudge him that, but I often feel a bit bummed that we’re not spending more time together.  This Saturday we sipped coffee (well, maybe that part still wasn’t entirely relaxing, as the girls are uncannily like magnets to the couch whenever mommy has a coffee in her hand) and lounged on the couch together for a while, laughing and enjoying the movie both from our point of view and from Andrew’s.  Even the girls seemed interested in watching it for a little while!

Robin Williams.  What can I say.  I felt immediately traumatized by the news he was gone.  I felt compelled to call James at work and tell him, and I told my mom so she wouldn’t hear it from the five o’clock news and be extra shocked.  Maybe we didn’t realize quite how high a pedestal we had (and have) Robin Williams on when he was here, because it’s easy to take for granted what you have until it’s gone.  But I mean, come on, it’s Robin Williams we’re talking about!  And while I KNOW he and the characters he played in movies are not one and the same, I can’t be the only one who believes there was a little part of him in those roles.  It sounds like he was there for his children every bit as much as Daniel was all about his kids in Mrs. Doubtfire, and I know from hearing fans’ accounts of having met him that he was a genuinely kind person.  He just also happened to have a talent that literally no one has or, in my opinion, ever could beat.  He will always be the funniest man ever, and it really does feel like the world is just not quite the same without Robin Williams in it.

It’s obviously even more tragic to know the way he died.  It’s sad to think that the man who made us all laugh till we cried was hurting so much inside that taking his own life seemed like the best answer.  I see pictures of his face, that classic Robin Williams face, and I just want to give the man a hug.  He seemed so sweet, and of course you always hoped that behind those jokes and the laughter brought to his fans, that he was happy, too.  I know he had demons and addictions and I can’t even begin to fathom what it would be like to live the life of someone of his calibre.  My brother used to work at a bookstore that he used to frequent when he visited Vancouver, and he saw him there when he was working one night.  My brother thought it was pretty cool to see Robin Williams so close like that, but he let him be and didn’t go bother him.  I read once that one of the things he loved about Vancouver was that people generally didn’t get too crazy and he therefore had a bit more time to do his own thing if he wanted to.  It would be hard enough to be in the limelight when you feel like your life is pretty alright, but depressed, I can see where it might seem impossible.  I just wish he could have known how much he was loved, and that he would have been supported in whatever he decided to do, even if it meant quitting show biz and never performing again.  Now its come out that he was in the beginning stages of Parkinson’s, which one might speculate could have also had something to do with his decision.  I guess we’ll never know.  It’s just so sad to think that Robin Williams is gone.  What a life force he was when he was here.  I can only be grateful for all the amazing work that he did, and all the laughs he will still share with us because of it.


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