My babies are getting so big!

Margaret and Emily talk more and more every day and it’s both amazing and hilarious the things they say.  Case in point, this afternoon Emily started coughing while she was eating some food and Margaret patted her shoulder and said, ‘Chew n’ chew!’  Whenever the girls (and Andrew when he was younger) start choking (not worrisome choking, knock on wood but that’s never happened to any of my kids!) I say, ‘Chew and chew!’ and it seems to help them get out of the little funk and clear their throat.  It was the cutest thing to hear Margaret say it today.  She also said, ‘Sorry’ for the first time today (I think it came out more like, ‘Show-ree’) after biting her sister.  I told her if she didn’t make amends she would have to go up and spend some time in her bedroom so she went over and kissed Emily’s arm and said, ‘Show-ree!’ then grinned at me.

Margaret just started saying, ‘Yes’ (her version is ‘Yesh’) instead of ‘yeah’ and Emily now says, ‘Yep’ instead of ‘yeah.’  That’s not a great example, but in general Emily tends to pronuniciate words really well.  Something hilarious she did yesterday - while she was sitting on her toy push car, she was holding an o-ball, and accidently dropped the ball and it rolled behind her.  As she looked back to see where it went she said, ‘Aw, nuts.’  LOL  It was HILARIOUS.  We all started laughing (my parents were over at the time, my mom’s first visit to our place since her knee surgery) and then Margaret piped in and started saying, ‘Nuts’ to everything because she loved the reaction!

Both girls say so many words now I can’t even list them all.  I’d say Emily says more words than Margaret, but they both understand just as many and ultimately they both communicate just as well as each other.  They also (especially Emily) use 2 word and occasionally now sometimes 3 word sentences.  It’s the cutest thing.

They continue to be VERY different little girls.  I think they get along pretty well (today was a bit challenging in terms of how often they fought but most of the time they get along fairly well).  They make each other giggle and they like to play with the same toys but they also play with the same toys differently.  Emily loves to baby her toys and any toy that is a person or animal or character of any kind she will play the ‘night night’ game with.  She gets a blanket and wraps them in it, sometimes gives a quick little cuddle but ultimately acts like she’s tucking them into bed.  Margaret will sometimes mimic that but it’s only because her sister just did it, I don’t think she’d do that of her own accord.  She tends to want to just carry one small plastic toy around and obsesses over it till she loses track of it amongst all the other small plastic toys we’ve accumulated.  Her favourites are Fiona, Shrek, and their baby Felicia.  

Emily is more of a water baby, and for that matter enjoys being outside more than Margaret.  Which doesn’t mean that Margaret doesn’t enjoy her outdoor time, it’s just that Emily would spend HOURS in a pool or out playing in the yard whereas Margaret is good after a half hour or so.  She’s content to snuggle up in her chair and watch a movie, or better yet dance her socks off (if she wore socks, but like most toddlers and Emily included, I don’t think they’ve EVER kept their socks on when their shoes weren’t forcing them to stay on!)

There are so many little difference between them that most people probably wouldn’t notice, and that don’t really matter anyway, but are observations I can’t help but make.  For example, when in their highchairs Emily tends to always cross her feet over, whereas Margaret tends to try to have her legs lifted as far as they can be against the top of the tray.  Emily is a bit bigger weight wise and she feels more sturdy (always has) when held.  Margaret is a bit more waif-like and inevitably tucks right into you when you pick her up.  Margaret is extremely kissy and affectionate, Emily IS affectionate but she is stingy with her kisses!  Yet when she does give you a kiss it’s the sweetest moment of your entire day.  Emily reminds me of a Cabbage Patch Doll I had as a child and now really wish I had kept to give to her.   It had soft cheeks and was made from a different type of plastic I guess than the traditional Cabbage Patch and there’s something about her face and the softness of her skin that reminds me of that.  Her smile is absolutely infectious, but then so is Margaret’s, she makes my heart melt even with her cheeky up-to-no-good grin!  (Which reminds me way too much of their older brother!) They are both absolutely adorable, beautiful, cute, sweet, and perfect. (If I do say so myself!)


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