End of summer already?!

I can’t BELIEVE it’s already the end of summer.  I know September is usually fairly mild, and it’s predicted that even October will be relatively mild here (I hope they’re right about that).  But it’s just not the same...When you say ‘September’ you just don’t think ‘summer’ anymore.  I love certain things about the fall and even about the winter, but what puts me on edge is knowing how long it is before it’ll be summer again.  SIGH.

Of course, everything is going to be different, too, with Andrew starting school.  I don’t know when he’ll actually start given that the teachers are still on strike, so I doubt very much that he’ll be starting on Tuesday, as he’s meant to.  I’m also really confused as to what will happen because they didn’t send out a Kindergarten package as they would have during the summer if they hadn’t been on strike, and as a result I have no idea when we’re supposed to show up or ANYTHING.  Kind of bummed about that, but also somewhat hopeful we’ll get a few extra days together before this whole school thing gets started.  If he was in a higher grade I’d definitely be more worked up about the strike, but I don’t think starting Kindergarten a bit late will have much of an impact!

So many changes taking place.  Totally not ready for it to be fall.  It started raining today when I took the kids out (I’ve actually been making more of an effort to take all 3 kids out on my own (to places where the girls don’t have to be confined to the stroller).  Really just to the parks that are within walking distance of our house, but still, it’s a big step for me!)  We stayed out anyway because it was a warm rain, and not torrential or anything, but still, it really hit me how spoiled we’ve been with having NO rain most of the summer...I really hate the thought of having to get used to the opposite!  It’s only a matter of time, it’s inevitable here on the ‘wet coast.’


The girls are definitely a handful (make that TWO!) but they’re really getting so much better now at taking direction, and while obviously I can’t fully trust that they’ll listen to me, they really are very good when it comes right down to it.  I used to either get them out of the van one by one and take them into the house, then come back for the other one, OR I’d get one out of her car seat and then go get the other and carry them both in at the same time (which in some ways I’ll sort of miss because truth be told as complicated as it can be sometimes, it’s kind of cool to be able to carry two babies around at once!  I remember when they were very very newborn and teensy tiny (around 5 ½ lbs tiny) and I could just scoop them both up...No one else wanted to try picking them up the way I did and it kind of made me feel like a lion or a bear or some sort of wild animal scooping up her young like no one else could).  Now what I’ve started doing, just in the past few days, is I get one out, carry her around to the other side of the van, then put her down and get the other out, and then let them both walk into the house on their own.  They’re getting to the point of showing so much independence that yesterday after an early morning grocery shop, they each carried a bag of groceries into the house for me!  (After putting it in the kitchen for me, Emily picked hers up again and tossed it over her shoulder like a purse and said, ‘Byyyye!  Shopping!’  LOL  She figured she’d just head off to the mall for a while, I guess!  No idea where she gets that from!!

Both girls are talking up a storm, Emily saying more words still than Margaret, and little sentences, but they’re both talking so much more than I remember Andrew doing at their age (which is normal, boys vs. girls).  They both say please and thank you ALL THE TIME, although thank you is still the same as you’re welcome, which they say as, ‘Ockom.’  It’s really sweet.  The other morning Emily was doing her usual thing of shamelessly sprawling out on the couch and demanding ‘tinckoles’ (her way of saying ‘tickles’, as in come on mommy, tickle my back and legs RIGHT NOW!) and I heard her but wasn’t doing it because Margaret  was also vying for my attention and then I heard Emily say, ‘PEESE tinckole, Mommy, PEESE!’  Like if she was more polite about it, I’d do it, and she was smart to think so because she definitely got my attention (and tinckoles, as it happens!)

Both girls are trying their best to master doing headstands, which they get from constantly watching Andrew do them.  He’s really good at them, and they are getting to the point of actually being able to do them for a second or so before falling down.  It usually turns into more of a somersault, but for just shy of two I think it’s pretty darn amazing what they can do!  It’s also really interesting watching what they do as a result of having an older brother to mimic, because Andrew didn’t have that and he had to learn so much more on his own or from adults, which I think is a different experience than learning from a slightly older kid.  I love how he has taught them some cool things, and in all honestly the please and thank you thing they largely got from him.  Yes, we taught him his p’s and q’s but because he is always so polite, he encouraged them to be from a young age and they’ve definitely picked up on that.  

I think I can see where the ‘terrible two’s’ get their name...Andrew started the terrible two’s when he was one, FOR SURE...so I’ve been through it, but times two should prove to be much more...interesting.  However, I must say, that I think there’s something I really love about this stage.  Sure there are times when I miss the girls being teensy tiny and just little bundles of love that practically fit in one hand (each).  Sometimes I miss them being completely immobile (LOL!)  But each stage has its perks, and I love how they are communicating so well already, know SO much, understand what’s safe and what isn’t (to a degree, of course, they’re still little daredevils at times) and they can do more fun and interesting things the more they learn and the more I can trust them with stuff.  It’s a fun age over all!  I hope I don’t jinx myself in saying that…!!

Andrew just got back from a 2 night camping trip with my mil to Cultis Lake and he had a really great time.  I asked him what his favourite part of the trip was and he thought for a second and then said, ‘Roasting the marshmallows!’  What I’m jealous about is that they went to Dino Land and I have always wanted to go there!  If I’d known it wasn’t all that far away from us (maybe an hour’s drive?) I’d have gone by now.  I used to see the commercials for it when I was a kid and it was all about The Flintstones and looked TOTALLY AWESOME but I couldn't go because we lived on the island and it would have been complicated. Now that I know it’s as close as it is we are totally taking the kids next summer and I can already hardly wait!  So bring on the fall and winter I guess, because that will bring us that much closer to next summer, and I love having that to look forward to =)


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