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End of summer already?!

I can’t BELIEVE it’s already the end of summer.  I know September is usually fairly mild, and it’s predicted that even October will be relatively mild here (I hope they’re right about that).  But it’s just not the same...When you say ‘September’ you just don’t think ‘summer’ anymore.  I love certain things about the fall and even about the winter, but what puts me on edge is knowing how long it is before it’ll be summer again.  SIGH.
Of course, everything is going to be different, too, with Andrew starting school.  I don’t know when he’ll actually start given that the teachers are still on strike, so I doubt very much that he’ll be starting on Tuesday, as he’s meant to.  I’m also really confused as to what will happen because they didn’t send out a Kindergarten package as they would have during the summer if they hadn’t been on strike, and as a result I have no idea when we’re supposed to show up or ANYTHING.  Kind of bummed about that, but also somewhat hopeful we’ll get a few extra d…

My babies are getting so big!

Margaret and Emily talk more and more every day and it’s both amazing and hilarious the things they say.  Case in point, this afternoon Emily started coughing while she was eating some food and Margaret patted her shoulder and said, ‘Chew n’ chew!’  Whenever the girls (and Andrew when he was younger) start choking (not worrisome choking, knock on wood but that’s never happened to any of my kids!) I say, ‘Chew and chew!’ and it seems to help them get out of the little funk and clear their throat.  It was the cutest thing to hear Margaret say it today.  She also said, ‘Sorry’ for the first time today (I think it came out more like, ‘Show-ree’) after biting her sister.  I told her if she didn’t make amends she would have to go up and spend some time in her bedroom so she went over and kissed Emily’s arm and said, ‘Show-ree!’ then grinned at me.

Margaret just started saying, ‘Yes’ (her version is ‘Yesh’) instead of ‘yeah’ and Emily now says, ‘Yep’ instead of ‘yeah.’  That’s not a great exa…

My baby boy starts Kindergarten soon..

Andrew has really taken to math and writing lately.  He will actually request a piece of paper and his felts so he can ‘just sit and do math’ and he’ll write out problems such as 1+1 or 2x2 and solve them.  He’s pretty quick, too, when he’s asked something like, ‘What’s 10x3?’  He knows without even having to think about it!  Even things like, ‘What’s 5x10, +2?’  He enjoys figuring it out.
He’s taken to watching an Animal ABC show on Netflix and he’ll sit with his paper and felt marker, writing down the words as the show spells them out.  I love his interest in learning and seeing how well he’s doing with his writing.  He’s always so proud of himself when he spells out a new word.
He also loves playing with play dough, and will sit for a decent stretch of time as of late and just create things on his own.  He always prefers if someone’s with him while he works, and someone usually is, but I like that he’s finally showing more ability to just work away on his own for a while and be indep…

Robin Williams will be missed

I really enjoyed Saturday morning, and we weren’t even doing anything, really.  After the shock of Robin Williams dying last week, we decided it was time to show Mrs. Doubtfire to Andrew.  Our usual weekend routine tends to consist of me getting to sleep an extra hour or so than I do during the week, then James inevitably is exhausted and goes back to bed shortly after I get up.  I completely understand his need for a break/rest so I don’t begrudge him that, but I often feel a bit bummed that we’re not spending more time together.  This Saturday we sipped coffee (well, maybe that part still wasn’t entirely relaxing, as the girls are uncannily like magnets to the couch whenever mommy has a coffee in her hand) and lounged on the couch together for a while, laughing and enjoying the movie both from our point of view and from Andrew’s.  Even the girls seemed interested in watching it for a little while!
Robin Williams.  What can I say.  I felt immediately traumatized by the news he was gon…

My crazy, random food sensitivities

The night last week when me and the kids were going to meet up with James at the park after work, I decided to feed myself and the kids before we left so I would only have James’ dinner to bring with us.  I did, however, decide to make a fruit salad to bring as a dessert treat for all of us to share.  For the first time in year and years, I had bought 2 kiwis, and decided to add one to the mix of fruit I was bringing.  I rarely buy them because, truth be told, they’re just not my favourite fruit in the world, but I saw them there at the store and they seemed summery to me so I thought I’d get a few for a change, and to try them out on the kids.
I sliced up one whole kiwi, and snuck a taste - literally I cut a slice in half and ate the one little half.  I both liked it and didn’t, I mean I didn’t mind it but it’s not something I’d miss eating if I couldn’t any more - which it turns out is a bit of a blessing in disguise!
Within probably 2 minutes of eating that sliver of kiwi, my entire …

Braving the summer heat

Aug 9 - I had hoped to go to a Saturday market as we’ve still yet to go to one all summer...but it didn’t work out again due to the babies’ nap time coinciding with the optimum time to go.  Instead, after their nap we loaded the kids up into the van, stopped by Subway for an easy picnic lunch, and headed to Blue Mountain Park in Coquitlam.  It’s a really great park, featuring pretty much everything you’d expect and then some.  There’s a big playground for all ages, a great water park, and even a wading pool.  Lots of trees for shade on such a hot summer day, too.  We spent a lot of time at the spray park, which was lots of fun and I got totally drenched having a water fight with Andrew!  I love how all 3 kids absolutely love the water.  After the spray park we checked out the playground for a while, but even soaking wet it felt too hot in the sun.  We finished off with a little splash in the wading pool and then it was time to call it a day.
Aug 10 - The plan was to check out Rocky Poi…

Two weeks

Not quite sure how its been over 2 weeks since my last post...I feel like we’ve done so much the past few weeks, too, and now I feel overwhelmed with how much I have to try to remember to piece it all together!

On the 24th my mom had her left knee replacement.  It was a bit of a whirlwind leading up to her surgery date, as she was only given 10 days notice.  It was a long time coming, yet it felt so last minute once it was finally happening.  I was pretty wrought up about the whole thing, and felt fairly stressed out for several days before and after her surgery.  It went as well as it could, she’s healing nicely and I’m hoping she’s going to get her mobility back finally, which she hasn’t had for YEARS now so it’s a pretty big deal.  It just felt like a bit of an emotional rollercoaster I think, having it sink in that it was finally actually DONE, yet knowing the hard work she has ahead to get right on track.  It’s been a bit of a crazy time, but I’m happy and relieved that she’s doin…