Sunday kayaking

Yesterday my parents looked after the kids so James and I could use our groupon to go kayaking at Deer Lake.  We went last summer and I loved it so much that I purchased another groupon right away, but of course it never became possible for us to go back before summer ended so we had to use it within the next few weeks before it expired.  It was so much fun!  I love being out on the water.  A larger body of water would maybe be more fun next time, but I like how comfortable it feels out on that lake, because I know nothing’s going to come along (like a larger boat) to create huge waves that might make me feel like I’m losing control!  The water was so calm and I loved seeing all the ducks, geese, butterflies and dragonflies.  It was VERY hot (the weather has been crazy hot (for us!) lately) but it wasn’t too uncomfortable.  We had a 2 hour groupon but we decided to kayak for one hour and then went to Earl’s for lunch before heading home.  They’re ‘getting a veggie burger in a few days’ but didn’t have one on the menu so we had vegetarian sandwiches made up and they were DELICIOUS, along with the French Fries.  I’ve never had a bad meal at Earl’s.  We got so hungry out on the water so it was nice to go out and enjoy a meal together before heading home. 

I love that we had fun outdoor experiences both days this weekend.  I wish we could do stuff like that more often.  I look forward to times in the future when we can have those experiences – family bike rides and kayaking excursions – with our kids.


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