Saturday cycling adventure

Today my mil looked after the kids for a few hours so James and I could have some much needed time just the two of us.  We drove out to Lion’s Park in Port Coquitlam and rode our bikes around part of the Coquitlam River.  It was amazing, we absolutely love it there.  I could see myself living in one of the houses by the river, complete with canoe and Adirondack chairs on a little dock RIGHT at the water’s edge.  SIGH!!

It felt so good to be out on my bike again.  James commutes to work by bike several days per week (in the nicer weather months, anyway) so he’s pretty accustomed to cycling regularly.  Me?  The last time I was out on my bike (which my mil uses most of the time) was…I can’t remember when.  Probably a couple of years now?  I didn’t risk cycling during my pregnancy with the girls, and I’ve been pretty tied down since, so yeah.  It was about time I got out on it again!  It was a perfect afternoon.  Scorching hot, but the trails were mainly shaded by all the tall beautiful trees, and there was occasionally a slight bit of coolness felt from the river itself.  We stopped at one point to get closer to the river (I went so far as to step into it a bit, it was very refreshing!) and I told James I wish we could record the entire experience – scenery, but also sounds, smells, and just the overall feel of being there.  There’s nothing quite like being out in nature like that, and I’d love to be able to box it up somehow and bring it home, storing it for a cold winter’s day when I’m craving summer.

After our cycle we stopped at a pub across the street for beer and nachos, and it was so nice to just sit and relax for a while together.  We rode a little further afterwards, then packed our bikes back into the van and headed to the lower area of Hume Park for a while, just to sit and snog a bit =)  It was nice, but also WAY TOO HOT and we didn’t last long before we needed to get back to the van for air conditioning!  We hit up a little Asian market that we used to go to for popsicles waaaaay back when we lived closer to that area, and lo and behold they still sold the same popsicles!  James was so happy (I like them, but he always loved them the most!  Especially the ‘red bean’ ones, which I never really cared for…we have a bit of a difference in taste when it comes to sweets, that’s for sure).  So we got a bunch of those and a few other goodies from the market.  One thing they had by the till I bought on impulse because I seriously thought the box said the cutest thing EVER.  The cookies are called, ‘Margaret Cookies’, so of course I was partial right off the bat, and then their slogan was, ‘Margaret Cookie with parents’ love, Feel this love with soft cookie.’  Cutest translation ever, I just couldn’t get over it!  LOL  The cookies aren’t really the greatest, but I don’t mind them.  I’m seriously keeping the box though, there’s just something about it I find so adorably funny.

We came home and it felt like chaos as soon as we got through the door, but popsicles all ‘round made things easier, and the girls were so cute with theirs.  We sat out in the backyard, Margaret took a seat on the slide of their little climber and just looked over at me with this cute smile and shrugged, looking at her popsicle, letting me know she was chuffed with her treat.  Emily had hers dripping all over the place but she enjoyed every bite she took!  Andrew liked his but I think he felt a bit the way I do about them, that they’re bordering on being ‘too healthy’ tasting or something….They’re delicious, don’t get me wrong, but admittedly we enjoy our ‘Popsicle Pete’ type treats!!

James was kind enough to allow me to go off and have a short nap, which I really needed because I completely started to crash right around supper time.  I didn’t get all that much rest given how boiling hot it was upstairs, but it was still rejuvenating to some degree.  It really felt like a perfect afternoon, and so nice to get some time together just the two of us.  I wish we were able to have a lot more of that, but we have to take what we can get.  Luckily, tomorrow my parents are looking after the kids for a few hours and we have another fun adventure planned!


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