Learning English and sibling bonds

I’m always astounded by the way language is learned.  We obviously illustrate what words mean with actions, and the kids see what we’re doing and learn to understand what it all means, but it’s so hard to truly comprehend how they do it.  The other day while I tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) to hang up the girls’ clothes in their closet (they have a way of tearing more things off the hangers than what I’ve put on so I end up with MORE work afterwards than what I started with…NOT COOL), Emily found a fancy dress that my bro and sil gave them for Christmas, and she just HAD to put it on.  It’s for 18 months but still fits really well at 21 months.  So I obliged and dressed her up.  (Margaret, on the other hand, discovered an old Curious George shirt of Andrew’s and wanted THAT on, can you guess which girl is more of a tomboy?!)  I didn’t bother doing the tie up in the back of Emily’s dress as the 2 ribbony pieces fell nicely to the sides, and I didn’t give it much thought after that.  A while later when we were playing downstairs, Emily discovered one of the pieces for the tie, and she held it up to me with a look on her face and said, ‘Broke.’  I had never heard her use the word broke, or broken, before, and was surprised that she knew it.  She figured her dress must have broken because there was this piece just hanging there. 

The girls’ language has really skyrocketed, and while there are times when I truly miss the newborn stage and feeling like they’re really ‘BABIES’ when I hold them (They’re so big now that they like to play a game where they ‘pretend’ to be babies, bringing me a blanket so I’ll wrap them up and cradle them and have the other kids come up and marvel at the ‘cute little baby.’  Even Andrew loves to take a turn!)   I absolutely LOVE that they are communicating and feel a sense of relief as they begin to understand more and more things.  There really is something about being able to properly communicate with another person without always having to second guess.  And a huge perk is getting them to do stuff for me!!  I can get them to throw things in the garbage (the diaper genie, they’ve got it down pat!) and I can ask them to go get certain things for me.  Nothing major, obviously – I am still basically a total slave to them (and Andrew, as well), but it’s pretty cool when you can say, ‘Uh oh, can you take this cloth and go wipe that up?’ and they’ll happily scamper over, grab the cloth, and go wipe up the spill from their bottle, or whatever the case may be! 

Margaret says, ‘Uv, ewh’ for love you, which is pretty adorable.  They both constantly say, ‘Ockum’ which means thank you and you’re welcome.  It sounds so cute when they say it, and they always say it at the appropriate times.  They really seem appreciative of the things they’re being given, too, when they say that!  They both still call each other ‘Emily’ or ‘Emmy.’  Emily can say, ‘Mah-gek’ but she only did that for a couple of days and then reverted back to ‘Emmy.’  It’s just easier, I guess! 

Andrew absolutely LOVES IT when he feels he’s had a proper conversation with one of the girls.  Even if they’re just saying, ‘Yeah’ or ‘No’ in response to his questions, he loves that he can talk to them and knows they understood what he was saying.  It’s really cute watching the 3 of them interact with each other.

This morning I was showing Andrew some videos of conjoined twins on youtube, after reading him a poem about some famous conjoined twins in a book of twin-related poems he chose for his book at bedtime last night.  He couldn’t believe that 2 heads could share one body, or that a brain could be shared between two people.  I really feel so lucky to have had a text-book twin pregnancy, and to not have had conjoined twins, as I can’t even imagine the challenges involved.  The girls were totally bored by the videos (which we only watched for literally 2 minutes, it’s not something I really wanted to go on and on about) and out of nowhere Emily went up to Margaret, threw her arms around her shoulders in a big hug, and gave her a big kiss on the lips!  To which Margaret replied with a big grin and a little giggle.  It was seriously THE CUTEST THING EVER!  Emily is fairly stingy with her kisses (whereas Margaret loves to give kisses) so it was extra-amazing that she chose to do that.  They both loved the reaction from Andrew and me, so they did it a bunch of times.  It just melts my heart watching their twin bond, and their bond with their brother.  Watching their relationships develop and grow makes all the difficult moments totally worth it.


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