A week's worth of events...in one post

One day just goes into the next and suddenly a week or more has gone by and I haven’t recorded anything.  How does that keep happening?!   I KNOW how badly I want to remember every little detail of this time, and yet I also know how much will be lost if I don’t write it down.  Time continues to be such a huge stressor in my life, or should I say the total lack of it around here.  If only there was more time.

If I can even remember the past week at all…

On Canada Day (July 1st) we went to Burnaby Village Museum, as we have for the past few years now.  We were worried about how it would go with just James and I and the 3 kids, as we didn’t have anyone who could go with us to help this year.  But it worked out really well.  It was a VERY hot day, maybe a little too hot for being out in the direct sun for so long, but we had a really good time.  The girls were free to roam for a while, when Andrew was playing the bean bag toss and other little kid games they had set up.  They loved running around.  It was hard work for James and me as we were racing around in opposite directions, each keeping track of a toddler while Andrew would also be screaming out because he wanted us to be watching what he was doing.  He got his face painted to be like Spider-man, which he was thrilled about.  He also enjoyed the magic show, and the carousel ride, although we had to wait in line for it for at least half an hour and while we were on it he was upset that we weren’t going to wait in line and go on it a second time…While we did that, James walked the girls around and managed to get them asleep for their nap, so he got a bit of time to just sit on the grass in the shade and relax.  It probably sounds like a total gong show the way I’ve described it, and it was, but it went a lot smoother than we’d expected, and we felt like we’d accomplished what we wanted to in celebrating Canada Day.  I actually really love what they do at BVM, and I love that it’s free admission.  We bought 2 tickets for the carousel (saving one for a quieter day) and some popcorn and spent $10 total, which we could have done without entirely and still had a great time, so I feel like we got our money’s worth and then some for all that we did.

James took July 2nd off as a vacation day, the thinking being that rather than take the day before off to get a long weekend, we might want a restful day the day after the big outing.  It ended up being a bit of a dud day, if I do recall correctly…I feel like we didn’t really do much of anything, and James and I took turns napping or getting stuff done we needed to do – which is a good thing but at the same time feels like a waste of a ‘vacation’ day.  I know there’s really no such thing as a vacation of any sort with 3 little kids, but yeah…it bums me out sometimes that it feels like the days off always whiz by and ultimately we have nothing to show for them.  I honestly don’t even remember much from the day, although I think we did take the kids to the park and they undoubtedly had lots of fun.   It’s still too difficult to take all 3 kids to the park by one’s self, because the girls love to go in opposite directions and they go from one thing to the next so quickly!  They love to go on the swings, for example, but they seem to want to be on them for literally 30 seconds before they’re wanting to check something else out.  Or, one of them wants to keep swinging but the other doesn't.  So it’s just not safe to go without an extra adult present.  It’s hard on me through the week, seeing my limitations right, left, and center.  But luckily we do have a great set up between the back and front yards, so we can get good outdoor time without actually having to go anywhere.  I just wish sometimes that we had more space, as our yards are pretty small, not really conducive to the kids actually running around.

I don’t know what we did on July 3rd….The 4th was my mil’s bday so she came over in the afternoon and watched the kids for a few while I went and picked up some champagne/wine/BOOZE (I could count on one hand the amount of times I drank alcohol in the past several YEARS but I’ve kind of been making up for it the past couple of weeks…LOL.  I still don’t drink that much, but I’ve been finding a glass of wine (or two) here and there has been a bit of a godsend lately, don’t judge!)  We had a nice party-style dinner, which we were planning to do as a backyard picnic but it started to rain unfortunately, so indoors it was.  We had a yummy red velvet cheesecake for dessert, which reminds me of what I did July 3rd – I went to Superstore (ooh, the excitement...), which I almost NEVER go to, and got a few goodies for the party, in particular these delicious Yves ‘souvlaki’ (soy) skewers that we absolutely love and haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

On Saturday I spent every bit of ‘me time’ on my closet, which seems like a boring thing to do, but the weather wasn’t great (muggy but rainy/cloudy) so it made sense to just try to get it done once and for all.  I was getting really frustrated by the whole thing because it felt like too big a job, and if I wanted to stop I couldn’t just leave everything out to deal with later so I felt like I was wasting so much time putting everything back haphazardly and it was looking worse rather than better.  But James was awesome about allotting me more time and I was able to get a LOT accomplished, stuff I’ve been wanting to take care of/get rid of for a LONG time.  It remains a work in progress, but it’s definitely getting there, and actually relatively close to being done.   Yesterday Andrew and I made a quick run for a few bins and I was able to get a bunch of them on sale so I was really happy about that, and I got a bit more done on my closet, and some done on James’ too.  If I could just have ONE DAY to devote to finishing everything I seriously think I could make it look how I actually WANT it to, but alas that’s not going to happen, so unfortunately I don’t see it getting to the state I want it to be in for a while, but at least it’s closer to that vision than it’s ever been!  I am so grateful that James and I have his and hers walk-in closets, it’s a dream come true, but because they’re like rooms unto themselves, I guess I feel like they need to be maintained as such!  I didn’t talk about any of this with my mil, but when she suggested I go have a rest or do what I like on Sunday for a bit (she came over to pick Andrew up as her birthday present from us was tickets for her and Andrew to go to Cirque du Soleil) I said I was going to go organize our closets.  She said to me, ‘You need to get a life!’  …..I really wish people could try to put themselves in my shoes sometimes, and understand how little time I have to get anything done.  Instead of dealing with boring tasks like my closet, I have done everything but, but eventually those tasks DO need taken care of, and we’ve lived here a year and a half now and I seriously had stuff I had yet to go through piled in there that I had not dealt with before our move.  So yeah…as much as perhaps I DO need to ‘get a life’ I also feel like getting the one I have in order!

Anyway…I guess that brings us to today.  I have to say, I’m pretty pissed that it was rainy and dreary all weekend so we couldn’t have nice outings or even spend lots of time out in the yard, but we woke up this morning to the bright, hot sun.  It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but I wish James could be home enjoying it with us, or we could be going someplace warm as a family to spend the day, doing something different from our usual.   Here’s hoping for some hot summer weekends in our near future!  I'm making my 'summer bucket list' so we'll have no choice but to do a bunch of fun things :)


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