A day with Emily

On Thursday my mil had Margaret for the day, so it was just me, Andrew, and Emily.  I noticed the two of them played so amazingly well together in the morning, with absolutely no bickering or tears the entire time I was upstairs getting ready for the day/making beds and then again when I had to prepare food.  Usually all 3 are pretty good, but without fail there are at least some mini-arguments, a few tears, often Emily crying and yelling out, ‘Bite! BITE!’ because she got bit by her sister…again.  Margaret, it would appear, (as adorable and wonderful and perfect as she is!) is a bit of an instigator of trouble…Also, she and Andrew are a lot alike so I think that makes them clash at times.

Mid-morning we went over to my mom’s for a little visit, the plan being that Andrew would stay on for the rest of the day so it would be just me and Emily for a while.  (Smart thinking on my part, because Emily is known for taking long naps when her sister isn’t there to wake her up prematurely!)  While we were at my mom’s she and I both noticed how well the two kids were playing together.  They just seemed to get along famously!  At the girls’ usual nap time we headed home, and I gave her some juice and a little snack while I stopped to get gas so she wouldn’t fall asleep in the van.  She went to bed pretty soon after we got in, and who knows how long she’d have slept, but I woke her up after almost 3 hours!  I wanted to take her to the mall to run around (a park would have been ideal, but it was scorching hot so I didn’t want to take her out in the direct sun for any length of time) and we only had so much more time before James and Margaret would be home, so I woke her up.  During her nap time I managed to dye my hair (which is a work in progress, but I’m mostly happy with it), got a few things done, and sat outside in the shade for a while.

When we arrived at the mall, Emily was immediately waving and saying hi to literally EVERY person who passed us!  I was reminded of how infrequently the babies experience malls, or any stores other than grocery stores basically.  It’s logistically impossible for me to take all 3 kids to a mall on my own, even ‘just’ the twins would be impossible at this point since they run so fast in opposite directions, I just couldn’t do it.  Since I very rarely have just one of them with me, they have literally been to a mall only a handful of times.  So Emily was thrilled to bits to just be let loose to run around and look at things!  I didn’t even bring the stroller in since I didn’t really want to lug a giant double stroller around with one toddler.  Interestingly, I noticed she gravitated toward women’s clothing stores (she obsessed over some blue leggings with black lace patches, she was practically drooling over them and pointed, saying, ‘Mommy!  Ooh!   PANT!’  She has an eye for fashion, that girl.  Too bad she was about 15-20 years too young for the pants she was desperate for.  LOL  She was going to walk right past the toy store but I encouraged her to look inside and once she discovered Frozen characters, Minnie Mouse, and dolls galore, she was hooked and didn’t want to leave!  She oohed and aahed at everything and while she did pick a few items off the shelf that she wanted, she was fine with not actually getting anything.  We finished off our mall experience with a small strawberry Julius, which she LOVED (and was possessive of, saying, ‘MINE!  Cup!’  She tends to say ‘Mine’ a lot, mostly because her sister tends to take everything away from her at home!  I know it sounds like Margaret is a total bully…she’s a sweetheart, but yes, a bit of a bully!  Yet she’s also gentle and caring, and likes to give her sister (and brother) hugs and kisses lately, too.

It was a good day.  I wish I’d had a bit more cuddle time with Emily, as we were busy doing stuff most of the day (or she was busy sleeping!) but we did have some nice cuddles in the morning while catching a bit of the news on Breakfast Television.  Usually I go between cuddling each baby when I first get up in the morning, or they both scramble to be on my lap at the same time and my coffee goes cold on the shelf  while I cuddle them both at the same time =)  But I notice both of them are so content with their morning cuddles when their sister isn’t there to threaten hogging some of the attention!

The girls love each other so much, despite enjoying their one on one time.  Throughout the day Emily often mentioned ‘Emmy’ (she refers to Margaret as Emmy, as well as herself!) and would say, ‘Emmy!  Daddy!  Nana!’ which was accurate, as Daddy did take Margaret to Nana on his way to work.  Apparently Margaret mentioned Emily a lot throughout the day, too, in a similar way.  Emily also mentioned Andrew, as it wasn’t her usual routine to be without him, either.

I have to say, I love pretty much everything about all of my kids, but something I really love about Emily is how easy going she is, and how predictable (in a good way) she tends to be.  She’s not at all a trouble maker, it’s extremely rare she would do something she shouldn’t, and she just doesn’t seem inclined to cause any trouble.  She’s so good-natured, and I have to admit, seems relatively easy to take care of in relation to her sister and her brother!


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