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Learning English and sibling bonds

I’m always astounded by the way language is learned.We obviously illustrate what words mean with actions, and the kids see what we’re doing and learn to understand what it all means, but it’s so hard to truly comprehend how they do it.The other day while I tried (unsuccessfully, I might add) to hang up the girls’ clothes in their closet (they have a way of tearing more things off the hangers than what I’ve put on so I end up with MORE work afterwards than what I started with…NOT COOL), Emily found a fancy dress that my bro and sil gave them for Christmas, and she just HAD to put it on.It’s for 18 months but still fits really well at 21 months.So I obliged and dressed her up.(Margaret, on the other hand, discovered an old Curious George shirt of Andrew’s and wanted THAT on, can you guess which girl is more of a tomboy?!)I didn’t bother doing the tie up in the back of Emily’s dress as the 2 ribbony pieces fell nicely to the sides, and I didn’t give it much thought after that.A while lat…

A visit to the doctor, then the water park!

Sunday kayaking

Saturday cycling adventure

A day with Emily