Time to think...

I always feel like I’m running on borrowed time once the babies have been napping for a chunk of time.  Emily is a little more predictable with her naps – she would sleep for 3-4 hours if she could.  Margaret, on the other hand, with her you just never know.  One day she’ll have a good long nap (never longer than 2 hours but usually more like an hour to an hour and a half) and the next she’ll sleep for 20 minutes tops.  You just never know.  I never feel I can allow myself to get accustomed to nap time being a solid length because I know Margaret will do her best to switch things up!  And I’m saying this knowing full well that it’s only a matter of time before they cut nap time out altogether (which will make me CRY…!!!)  I’m hopeful napping won’t be a thing of the past entirely for a while yet, as by this point (almost 20 months…can you believe my ‘babies’ are almost 20 months?!!) Andrew had already stopped napping for quite some time.  The girls aren’t showing signs of resisting entirely, although Margaret tries at times.

Today I’ve taken advantage of the time I’ve had.  I did a really quick tidy of a few things but decided I didn’t want to waste my ‘me time’ (Andrew is at his nana’s today, or else we’d be having ‘mommy/son time’ during the girls’ nap!) on chores.  I quietly opened up the back door (the girls’ room is right above it) and sat outside in the sun on the comfy ergo chair for about 15 minutes or so to catch some rays.  I’m hoping to actually get a bit of a tan this summer!  Then I came inside, FINALLY finished my journal about our trip that I started days ago but of course never finished (it was long-winded, I know…) and started working a bit on changing my blog layout.  It’s definitely a work in progress, as I’ve said several times already I really want to make changes to my blog, but it’s so hard to find the amount of time necessary to truly get creative with it.  But at least I’m finally getting started!

I wish I knew I had a certain amount of time while the girls nap so I could truly get into something, knowing exactly when I’d have to set the project aside.  There’s something about the not-knowing that makes it difficult for me to relax fully, but I have to say I am LOVING this sunny, summery weather.  It feels so good to be spending so much time outside.  Filling up the kids’ pool has become a daily occurrence, we spend a lot of time in our backyard during the day and at night after the kids have gone to bed  I’ve taken to sitting out in our front yard on the swinging bench.  It’s so relaxing and peaceful and I love to look up at the trees and the sky, or watch out over the neighbourhood and see what’s happening (which generally isn’t all that much!)  Our neighbours were away for one night this week and I really noticed the lack of cigarette and pot smoke wafting into our yard/house.  It was sooo nice to just breathe in actual fresh air for a change.  We saw boxes outside their front door, and their other neighbour mentioned something about them moving, which I still don’t know for a fact if it’s true but I’m REALLY crossing my fingers on that one!  It would be so wonderful if we got nice neighbours in there.  Nice, quiet, non-smoking neighbours…With kids in our kids’ age groups…Is that so much to ask?! =D


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