I need time to get things done!

I didn’t get to finish writing yesterday because Andrew came flying into the room and wanted to have some mommy/son time.  He wanted to make some collages in Photoshop.  He usually makes them with James and I was impressed with the skills he’s picked up already!

Decluttering a bit has left me itching for more organization.  Things are getting there, though I know it’s impossible for things to ever stay how I’d like them to with 3 little kids around!  I really want to tackle my closet properly, once and for all, and have it exactly how I want it.  I vow to maintain it once it gets there, it’s just getting there that is the issue.  There are always things that are higher on my to do list than cleaning my closet, and rightfully so, but still, I know I’ll feel so much better once it’s done.  Same ol’ story, not enough hours in the day…

I have so many things I want to accomplish and all of it is organization, it’s like I can’t see past that because there’s so much of it, and yet I also get bogged down with it because there’s really very little time to take care of it.  I don’t just mean cleaning out closets, I’m more so referring to organizing our hundreds of thousands of pictures taken in the past 6 or so years alone….I’m talking about figuring out a better way to back things up than JUST having everything on a mediadisk that could potentially get damaged or destroyed which FREAKS ME OUT EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT.  I’m thinking youtube could be a good option?  But keep it private of course, as I don’t plan on sharing every video of the kids with the world.  I’ve got to get that in order, I have to finish the babies’ baby books, for crying out loud!  I have so many little projects that I want to do for the kids and I am so BOGGED DOWN.  Very little ever gets done because I’ll have 15 minutes here and there to work on things, which isn’t really conducive to the type of projects I’m wanting to work on.  I need a proper allotment of time but another same ol’ same ol’ sob story of mine is how little help we have and how impossible it is most days to steal much of a break at all.

Anyway…I won’t go on about that.  Instead, I think I’ll go organize some pictures, while I’ve got the time!  I still need to write more about the girls' vocabularly though...and so much more...I'll add that to my list of things to do =)


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