Catching up on recent events...

We had a garage sale today and I have firmly decided that I will NEVER do another garage sale EVER AGAIN.  Basically if I can’t sell it on Craigslist, it’s going to goodwill.  It’s so much work to put on a sale that, in this case, gained us almost zero cash.  I advertised as well as I could, but we had a poor turn out (likely the rain had something to do with that) and the people that did buy stuff only got a few things at almost no cost.  Depressing, when I think of all the work I put in to get everything organized for it!  And it’s not like we can just put on a sale simply, we had to get help with the kids and it was a whole to-do, and then….blah.

BUT lesson learned, and we took a huge load of stuff to Value Village so we have definitely freed up space, which was the ultimate goal.  AND it’s over and done with so now I can move on!

A week ago Friday Andrew had his Preschool graduation.  It was such a sweet little ceremony they put on for the parents!  I didn’t realize beforehand how much his ‘grad’ would feel special, but it was just so cute, and made it sink in (a little bit, I’m not quite ready to face it completely) that he’ll be starting ‘real’ school in the fall.  My baby boy is so grown up!  This Momma is definitely not ready to let go.

They had set up the preschool-sized chairs for parents to sit on (so uncomfy, but super cute to look at when we walked into the room!) and the kids were all wearing little paper graduation hats.  The teacher gave a little speech and got choked up saying how she’d miss the kids so much, which put tears in my eyes, too.  Each child went up and got their diploma, and the teacher said what their favourite thing about preschool was (Andrew’s was playing on the slide and climber, the same answer as most of the kids gave) and what they want to be when they grow up (Andrew’s answer was Robot Maker!)

Then on Saturday he had his last t-ball class, which he really enjoyed doing.  We found it really hard to make sure he got there for the Saturday class.  We’d never done a weekend class with him before because I’ve always done stuff like that for him during the week, and then the weekend is free for family stuff or whatever plans we might make through the week.  Signing up for a Saturday class proved challenging, but I know it will be our only reality soon enough, once he is at school 5 days a week and we have to plan everything around that.  Can you tell I’m struggling a bit with the changes that are coming up ALL TOO SOON?!!  I know it’s just the start of the summer, so I’m going to relax and enjoy it, but the fall is looming, and I’m really nervous about how much our lives are going to change, and how much less time Andrew will be with me from now on.  Not thinking about that right now though…!!!

So the girls are talking IN SENTENCES.  They are 20.5 months (I think that’s right?!) and, just like their brother, are growing up before my very eyes and WAY TOO FAST.  They are still super cuddly little girls and babyish in certain ways, but they’re also definitely crazy toddlers who want to explore their independence!  They are talking so much, and understand just about everything, or so it seems.  Emily uses sentences more than Margaret, which I find interesting.  Margaret started saying words before Emily, but Emily uses sentences first.  Anyway, they both love to say, ‘Yeah!’ a lot, which is awesome since I’m POSITIVE Andrew’s favourite word at this stage was, ‘No!’  (They do say no a fair bit as well!)

To be continued…


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