A surprise party and Father's Day weekend

On Saturday we hosted my grandma’s surprise 80th birthday party.  She thought she was coming over from the island for a weekend visit with ‘just’ us, but what she didn’t know was that my uncle and his partner, and several of my cousins would be joining us as well.  With my parents and bro and sil there, it was like a mini family reunion, given one cousin, for example, hadn’t even met the babies yet.  We also rarely all get together at the same time, so it was a good visit.  My grandma was definitely surprised.

Sunday was Father’s Day and I knew I wanted James to get several hours of time to himself so in the morning I took the kids over to my parents’ place (so I could see MY dad!) and we had another little visit with my grandma before she had to head back home.  James got about 3 hours to himself, then we came home and I put the babies down for their much needed nap about an hour or so later than usual.  James’ mom came over in the afternoon to watch the kids while James and I went out.  Our original plan was to go kayaking and we were REALLY looking forward to it, but it started raining, and it wasn’t just a sprinkle but a torrential downpour.  So any outdoor activity was basically a no go.  We were a bit bummed about that, but we went to Brown’s and shared some nachos, and then we went 10 pin bowling.  It was our first try at it, and it was definitely different than 5 pin bowling!  I have really small hands (like, pretty much child-sized, seriously) so I found it challenging to get my fingers to fit in the holes, and the balls were SO heavy (that sounds so dirty, haha).  It was fun though, and it was glow bowling, too.  We just played one game to try it out but I think we’ll try again with more people sometime.  We didn’t want to leave after one game so we played pool for an hour, which was also fun since we hadn’t played it in YEARS.  I felt like I did horribly at both the bowling and the pool, although we each won one game at pool (I lost at bowling, boo…and usually at 5 pin I win, so…!)  It was fun though.  For Father’s Day Andrew made his daddy a little jar of Hershey’s kisses with a poem on it in his preschool class, and he also gave him a blue Henley shirt from American Apparel that he picked out himself.  The girls gave him Vader’s Princess, a book that follows from the Vader and Son book Andrew gave him last year.  And from all 3 kids he got a gift certificate to his new favourite bike shop. 

It was a good weekend, but a total whirlwind, and I felt like we didn’t actually have much time at all for anything.  I felt a little bummed by Sunday night, I just wish there was more time.  I always feel sad after a date with James ends, because I honestly don’t know when we’ll get the chance to go out just the two of us again, and that always makes me feel sad.  Plus, 2.5 hours out on our own never feels like enough time.  I wish we could go out for an entire afternoon at the very least, but it just never seems to happen. 

Andrew’s sobbing and it’s his bed time so I think this post ends here…


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