Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Today was Mother’s Day, and it was a beautiful sunny day.  In the morning we called mothers and grandmothers (after I got to have a little bit of a sleep in, aaaahhhhh!) and then I went and picked my mom up and took her to brunch at Earl’s.  Just me and my ma, so relaxing and civilized!  I had Eggs Florentine which was absolutely DELICIOUS.  We even sat outside, which felt so nice.  It started off a little cool since we picked a table in the shade, but it warmed up while we were there and really felt like a summer day.

After brekkie we headed back to our place and Andrew insisted it be ‘present opening time’.  James (with Andrew’s help) made a hand print heart and attached pictures of the girls to each palm (I’ll take a picture of it for another post, it makes more sense to see it!)  And Andrew made me a pretty heart covered in pieces of red tissue paper with holes at the top so I can hang it somewhere.  James and Andrew went to the mall together and picked out a top, a sweater, and a pair of capris for me, all of which I totally love.  I thought it was really sweet that they went together and thought about what I’d like and picked stuff out with me in mind!

I got my mom a picture frame that says, ‘If moms were flowers, I’d pick you’ and we also got her a Tablet.  Just a small one, but still, she was thrilled, given that her computer is old and on the fritz.  My mom gave me a really nice card, a cute 'daughter' notepad, and a coaster tile that says ‘Love you more’ on it, that has a little frame backing so I can use it more as a picture/ornament.  I love it!

I gave James a break for a while since he was determined to do ‘everything’ today but I truthfully didn’t want him setting the bar too high, since realistically there’s no way I can do all of Father’s Day with no breaks and then start another 5 days completely on my own with the kids again!!!  I kind of lose my sanity without breaks…

My dad came over and we all visited in our backyard for a bit while the kids played.  It’s so cute watching them play.  Andrew likes to run around and do lots of climbing, and sometimes spray water with the hose.  (He's also big on looking for bugs since he got a little bug keeper thing at the Salmon Send Off yesterday, that James took him to).  Margaret likes to make sure the pool is filled up with water (preferably ‘helping’ by holding onto the hose sprayer with me) and Emily likes to get toys out of the bin and put them in the pool.  Of the 3 kids Emily is definitely the one who plays with toys the most and seems to get the most enjoyment out of them.  She has lots of ‘babies’, including her actual baby dolls, or a monkey doll, basically any stuffed animal type toy becomes her ‘baby.’  She also loves to play with all the figurines Andrew has collected over the years (we have TONS because he got lots in bags at Value Village, it’s actually a bit ridiculous how many little plastic figurines we have…)  Today I noticed her playing in the pool with a horse figurine and she was actually make it clop around, it was so cute!  Today she was saying, ‘Apple’, ‘Pool’, ‘Cake’, and finally figured out to say, ‘Gommy’, which is what Andrew called my mom when he was a baby and it just stuck, so she will forever be known as Gommy to the kids!  For some reason the girls are having a difficult time saying it but they’re getting there!  They say, ‘Papa’ a lot however, and James and I had a good laugh when he pulled the vacuum out of the closet for me yesterday and Margaret saw it and yelled out, ‘Papa!’ (which makes sense to us, because my dad’s a neat freak and loves to clean and vacuum!)  (Another funny thing is how obsessed the girls are with my dad.  Emily has literally pushed Margaret aside so she could race ahead to see Papa at the door!!)

Anyway, after some time out in the yard, my parents looked after the kids while James and I went for a bit of a bike ride (something I haven’t done for AGES…omg I am so out of shape, especially after literally being sick for 3 weeks – sick enough that just going to get a few groceries would leave me feverish and ill for hours afterwards…and I kept getting worse and worse before I got, yeah…It wasn’t a great few weeks for my fitness, that’s for sure.  Although I feel  motivated from what I did today! 

After our bike ride we drove up to SFU and went for a walk in part of the new area of Univercity.  Then we got a snack and headed home.  It was a nice little date, though it didn’t feel long enough.  I really cherish the time I get with James, just the two of us, but it always has a way of feeling way too short.

When we got home my parents left and James and Andrew made dinner while I hung out with the babies.  After some more play time in the backyard, Margaret requested we watch Shrek (she says, ‘Geck’) so I obliged, and she sat in her club chair while Emily opted to cuddle with me on the couch =)

After dinner I had a bath and then I did some ab workouts that I plan to finally start doing DAILY and then I tucked Andrew in and read him a few stories.  James and I finished the evening watching a bit of The Riches, which we’re 2 episodes into now and I think we’re going to stick with it and see where it goes.  We just finished watching The Killing and are anxiously awaiting season 4 starting in August…only 6 episodes, which makes me want to cry, that’s how good the series is.  I LOVED it and wish there were 10 seasons at least!!

It was a great Mother’s Day, I definitely had more relaxing moments than usual and it was special because a day I’d ‘expect’ or at least hope to feel this way would usually be my birthday, but with it always falling on weekdays for what seems like forever, I have grown to not really see my birthday as being a special day because I tend to be on my own with the kids just as I am through the week usually.  So it felt nice to feel honoured and appreciated for what I do every day, since my #1 priority is being Mother of 3!

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