Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Recent events and baby talk

My desire to blog regularly and keep on top of what we’ve been up to has clearly been an epic fail.

What we’ve been up to lately:

Andrew started pre-school and seemed to enjoy his first class.  It’s just once a week but I think it’s going to be good for him, and he already (sort of) made a new friend, who we played with at the park for a while after his class ended.

While we waited for Andrew’s class to finish, the babies were napping in their stroller (due to failing to nap at their usual nap time at home before we left) and then Margaret woke up and immediately wanted out of the stroller, given what a novelty it is for her to be out.  So I took her out, just crossing my fingers that Emily wouldn’t wake up, because then she’d want out too and I’d be stuck forcing them both to stay in the stroller since I just can’t manage them both on the loose.  Margaret had an absolute field day running around on the grass.  Then she slipped in a big pile of mud, which didn’t stop her at all, if anything in hyped her up even further, and I had to run after her with the stroller so she wouldn’t roam too far from me!  She had really cute spring/summer pants on, too, and they’re basically permanently stained from her adventure, but oh well.  She had fun, and that’s the main thing!  By the time Emily woke up it was time to go get Andrew, so I had to force Margaret back into the stroller, but it worked out over all.

I took the kids to a tennis court for some play time on Friday afternoon.  It’s really the only place I can take the kids and not really worry that they’ll get hurt.  There are no guarantees, of course I still try to stay close to where they are, but having them confined to one area makes life SO much easier.  I literally CAN’T take them to a playground by myself, it just wouldn’t be safe, and it’s so stressful.  The girls ALWAYS run in opposite directions and I can’t just choose one to deal with and not be worried about what might happen to the other one!  So if no one is wanting to play tennis, we take the court over!  It was a lot of fun, I even thought ahead and brought a ball so they were able to kick it around, and it was just generally a lot of fun.  I also did a LOT of walking that day and got a ton of exercise, which was good.

We went bowling with GG on the weekend (me, Andrew, James, and obviously GG…who was over visiting for a few days).  It was Andrew’s second time ever bowling and he loved it every bit as much as the first time.  I played horribly the first game but made my comeback in the second and actually won the game!  (Although I told Andrew that he and I had tied for first, which some people might frown upon but come on, he’s 5, and he played really well!)

On Monday Andrew went downtown with James in the morning and then James’ mom took Andrew to Saltspring Island to visit his uncle (James’ brother).  It was Andrew’s first 2 night trip away from us, ever!  He did so well, he really enjoyed himself and was polite and well behaved pretty much the whole time, which is awesome.  He got to see a friend of his the same age who he met when they were 5 months old and they played really well together.  I was a little apprehensive at first to let him go because we all know I have some issues with my mil and her being the one taking him was maybe a tad difficult for me in some ways, but on the other hand I know it’s important for him to have these experiences, so I wanted him to go, especially since he was so excited by the idea of it.  I was also happy to have him spend time with his uncle, who he almost never sees anymore.  He was supposed to spend the day in Victoria today with James’ dad, but he started coming down with a cold so my mil brought him straight home this morning instead.  I had a feeling he would get sick on this trip, given that she took him when she JUST CAME DOWN WITH ACUTE BRONCHITIS A FEW DAYS BEFORE GOING but I won’t even get into that…I just have to keep my fingers crossed that none of the rest of us get it, because I can’t even stand the IDEA of another cold making the rounds through this house.

James’ birthday is coming up on Saturday, and I love that tomorrow is ‘Friday’ since the actual Friday is a holiday and James will be off.  So, so happy about that!  We’re having a little birthday party for him on Saturday, Sunday will be an Easter egg hunt for the kids…lots going on for the weekend!

In other news…the girls are saying so many more words now.  Margaret especially (although Emily KNOWS all the words, too, and sometimes will come out with a word that I wouldn’t expect her to know, she just doesn’t necessarily say it every time you ask her to!)  Margaret says, ‘Andoo’ for Andrew, ‘Emiy’ for Emily, and hearing her say the names of her siblings MELTS MY HEART literally every time!  Imagine the cuteness level of an 18 month old walking over to another 18 month old to give her a slice of pear while saying, ‘Emiyyyy!’ to get her attention!  It’s seriously one of the most adorable things ever.  Margaret likes to mimic words when we say them now, and she can say all sorts of things, such as, Hi, Bye, Cheese, Juice, cookie, cracker (comes out more like ‘cacker’) apple, nana (for banana), there are so many more but I can’t think of them right now.  She LOVES Curious George now and will say, ‘George!’ when she wants to watch him!  She’s obsessed.  I found an old CG t-shirt that was Andrew’s from a couple of years ago and gave it to her and her eyes bugged out of her head and she screamed, ‘GEORGE!’ which sounds a little more like GEOGE!  So cute.  Despite all her talking, Margaret’s favourite word for just about everything is, ‘Nooooo!’  On Saturday GG taught her to do a really silly face and when we say, 'Margaret, show us your face!' she takes on this hilarious stance and scrunches her nose to make a funny face!

Emily has really got a handle on ‘baby talk’ and speaks full sentences, just in a language we don’t understand.  But you can tell she knows exactly what she means, and sometimes she’ll give a really furrowed brow when we don’t respond, like she’s frustrated and doesn’t understand why we have no clue what she’s saying.  She calls most people, ‘Mommy’ but I KNOW she knows I’M the real Mommy =)  She says bubble (she loves it when we go outside and I blow bubbles, which we’ve been doing the past week in our little front yard, on the nice days at least).  She says Hi and Bye with so much enthusiasm!  If someone’s over and they say, ‘Well I guess I should get going soon’ or something to that effect, Emily immediately pipes in, ‘Byyyyeeee!’ with a big wave.  LOL  She also says, ‘Dada’ when she passes something to someone.  We used to say, ‘Ta’ to Andrew when he was little like them, meaning, ‘please’ and he would give us what he was holding.  He made his own variation of that as he learned to talk, and said, ‘Tap’, or ‘Tap tap.’  So without thinking I started off saying, ‘Tap!’ with the girls instead of Ta.  Well, Emily turned it into, ‘Dada’ (she says it fast when she means Ta, whereas if she was talking about her actual Dada she says it slower, or says Daddy).  I noticed in the past 2 days that Margaret is adopting the ‘Dada’ word, whereas before she was saying, ‘Tap.’

The girls both love their books, particularly ones with lots of pictures of different things.  In one book there’s a page that just has a million random things all over it and I was amazed today watching Emily pick things out quickly as I asked her if she could ‘see a bear’ or ‘see a ball’ etc.  She even pointed at a sheep, and said, ‘Baaa!’  Margaret does the same.  They also love to say Popcorn, Bo (for Bo on the Go), Up, Baby (they loooove babies, especially Emily, she is such a little mother already with her dolls!)  Yesterday we went to my friend’s house who has 4 kids, 2 being twins a little younger than my two.  Emily kept pointing at them saying, ‘Baby!’ and would lean in to give a kiss…interestingly only to the boy LOL.  I think she has her first crush!

Actually that’s a lie – the girls FIGHT over the giant Superman doll Andrew got with his birthday money!  It’s their height, and they seriously take turns just dragging him across the room, then I will find one of them just standing there hugging him or holding him, staring at him, giving him a kiss, it’s hilarious!  The other day Emily was crying over something and I couldn’t seem to console her so I said, ‘Why don’t you go get your boyfriend and tell him about it?’ and she walked over and got Superman and brought him over to me, and stopped crying!  LOL  It’s really too much!! 

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