On the mend

I am finally FINALLY starting to feel better from this stupid illness that I’ve had for over a week now.  It feels like so much longer since it started.  I was starting to feel like I was never going to get better.  I’m still stuffed up but not nearly as much.  The main symptom I’m still dealing with is feeling really woozy, like I’m hopped up on drowsy inducing medication when I haven’t taken anything.  But I feel so much better than I did even yesterday.  I REALLY hope this is it for a LONG while now.  And hopefully the kids get better too, their sniffles seem to be endless.

On Sunday James took the kids to my mil’s for a few hours and I went to Jysk with my parents and got a few things for garden.  I got a trio of colourful birdhouses, which I’m totally in love with.  I can see them through the kitchen window and they make me happy!  I also got a bamboo blind to put up as a barrier between our yard and our neighbours’ yard (the neighbours I am not so fond of).  They put up a giant tent in their yard but I wanted to have something there anyway, for one to block them out but for another because the fence is so old and the wood is so ugly, I wanted to make it look a little nicer.  The dark bamboo blind was the perfect thing!  I’m getting another one so we can cover the entire fence, and then some other bamboo thing to totally separate our yards so the babies won’t feel compelled to walk over in the little area that’s open between the fence and the big tree.  It’s looking so nice out in our backyard now, and my dad put the fence together for us on Sunday when we got back from the store.  We were going to have him make a fence, but then we decided not to sink more money into this place right now, especially when we don’t know for sure how long we’ll live here given how we feel about the neighbours (I feel like I’ve written that before…I probably have…Really not a big fan of those neighbours!!) so I came up with the idea of using some of the panels from our superyard that we don’t really use anymore.  All my dad had to get were 4 pieces of rebar and some zip ties and the fence was ‘built’ in about 5 minutes!  I’m actually really happy with it.  Of course a ‘real’ fence would look nicer, but I’m used to the panels for how long we had them blocking so many things inside the house, it doesn’t bother me in the least to be using them outside now.  They are probably one of the greatest things I ever bought (most of them second hand) – a lifesaver when babies are small and into things they shouldn’t be, for sure.

It started raining (torrential) within minutes of my dad finishing putting the fence together, so we didn’t actually get a chance to use the backyard till yesterday.  I was a bit nervous that the fence wouldn’t work to keep the girls in, but lo and behold it is amazing.  Margaret went over to it and tried to shake it loose, and I said, ‘No Margaret, this is where our yard ends now!’  She threw her head back in annoyance and said, ‘Oooooooh!’ in this way she does when she’s ticked off, then she smacked the fence LOL.  But after that she was fine with it, and of course Emily was fine with it because she’s totally easy going about such things.  They are loving the yard and I am loving how well all 3 kids are playing together.  I put together their little climb and slide thing, and they all took to that right away.  Of course Andrew is too big for it, but he’s enjoying the novelty of it for now.  I put the pool on the deck and some water in it with the intention of washing some of the summer toys, but as soon as I’d put the water in (despite that it was freezing cold water from the hose) both girls got into the pool and sat down, in full clothing!  LOL  It was hilarious, and they didn’t want to get out either.  They played in there for quite a while, especially Emily.  Then they’d get out, go play on the slide or on the rocking moose that was Andrew’s when he was their age (and I’m so glad we kept it, they’ve already used it more than he ever did!) and then they’d go back to the pool.  I opened up a bin of outside toys and they had a field day checking out all the stuff they’d never seen before because last year they were too little for most of it.

A few hours after we were out there the first time yesterday, Margaret motioned to the back door again and whined, and I said, ‘You want to go outside AGAIN?!’ and she nodded and said, ‘Yaaaaaaaah!’  So off we went.  All 3 kids slept straight through the night!

We went out several times again today, and it got so warm that I felt like it was summer time already.  It’s supposed to keep getting warmer and be perfect for the weekend, which is awesome since we have plans to be outdoors.  I’m starting to feel better in time for the nice weather, and it feels great knowing this is just the beginning of the warmer months to come!


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