Kitchen renos: before and after

Finally, some pictures of my recent kitchen renos.

First a few before pictures, taken not long after we first moved here in January of last year.

 It might be hard to tell from the photos, but neither the cupboards nor the counters were well taken care of by previous tenants.  Although even more so than that, the management company is to blame for not really doing any upkeep whatsoever, as the counters in particular shouldn't even be allowed.  There are chunks randomly missing from it, and it was used as a cutting board for years.  It was ALMOST a deal breaker for us moving here, for me anyway!
 I personally don't care for how the kitchen looks in these pictures, but it looked 100 times worse in person, seriously.  These pictures make it look half decent, but if you were actually standing in the room you'd be appalled.  I know I was - literally every single time I stepped foot in that kitchen I felt sad for how ugly it was. 
 And now for the transformation! 

I'm SO much happier with a white kitchen, and the accent being a faux granite countertop (ooh the beloved con-tact paper!  LOL  Ghetto, perhaps, but hey, it's awesome for a rental, and honestly it looks AMAZING).
 Adding knobs to all the drawers and cupboards cost more than the paint, but it was so worth it to really finish off the look.  It will also help prevent us from chipping the paint, which of course is a concern of mine (but so far it's holding up really well, and I have a ton of paint left over for touch ups when needed!)
 The chalkboard wall is my favourite.  The kids LOVE it and I love that it makes part of the space really kid-oriented.  It's in the dining room so theoretically the kids can be drawing while I'm making lunch or whatever (although in practice it's a bit of a gong show with the girls, since they're technically a bit on the young side for using chalk....particularly unsupervised!  I have to watch them like a hawk, especially to prevent them from going near my nice white cupboards with pink or purple or blue or green...I cringe at the thought of it!  Not sure if you can tell but in the right hand corner on the picture below, there are some chalk marks on the wall.  Every time Emily goes into the dining room she points at it and looks at me and says, 'Uh oh.'  She knows it's not supposed to be there, despite being the one who put it there!!
 I love my cactus wall decals from Ikea.  I've had them above the sink for probably 6 months or more now.  It adds a little punch of colour but I can easily remove them if I decide they're not it anymore.  I don't feel like there's a cohesive 'theme' to our kitchen as the kettle is blue (although I desperately want a new one as that one is so old and looks it if you see it up close!) and the rug is blue, but then there's the green decals and other random colours.  In some ways I like the idea of having a proper theme throughout, but right now it's not a high priority.  I'm still basking in the glory of how fresh and new the kitchen looks.  It's incredible what a few coats of paint and a roll of con-tact paper can achieve!!


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