Colds and kids

Andrew came down with a cold while on his trip with my mil two weekends ago…I came down with it last Monday, and at first I was sure it would be a short lasting cold because it came on SO suddenly, I figured a couple of days and I’d be fine.  Wrong.  I have gotten sicker as the days have gone by, and the past several days it has felt like more of a flu with a cold mixed in.  I’ve been so achy and the smallest of tasks makes me feel completely exhausted.  I did a little grocery shop yesterday and ended up with a fever when I got home.  Not good.  I am SO plugged up and in general feel kinda sorry for myself.  It’s so hard looking after little ones and not feeling well.  I haven’t really had much of a chance to stop and rest, and when I do get the chance to sleep (at night) I can’t lay down properly because I cough and my nose bothers me.  SIGH!!  REALLY hoping it goes soon.  James is the only healthy one of the lot of us, fingers crossed he at least manages to continue avoiding this bug.


Andrew’s really enjoying his pre-school class.  After his first class he didn’t seem super excited, and actually told my mom that ‘it was OK, but I don’t need to go back because there’s nothing they can teach me.’  LOL  This week he really seemed to enjoy himself and was really enthusiastic talking about his experience afterwards.  He got a ‘Terrific’ sticker on his little worksheet and he was so proud of himself!  I watched him a little bit when his class was first starting, and again near the end, and he was listening intently and doing everything he was supposed to, so I am fully confident he will do great when Kindergarten starts in the fall.

He’s loved doing projects since he was really little, and has loved to draw for a long time, but never put a whole lot of effort into detail until recently.  Now he is all about the details in his drawings, and he will actually sit on his own for good chunks of time (which for him means half an hour or so – it’s true he doesn’t have the longest ever attention span, though I think it’s normal at his age!) and just draw.  He has taken to drawing arms without just scribbles for hands but rather making shapes that look like actual fingers, drawing more detailed faces, and using several colours in one picture.  He’s actually getting quite creative with his drawings, and I like seeing the different images he comes up with.

The kids got a bubble blower machine from my parents for Easter and they love it, we put it on the table on the deck and Emily points at it and says, ‘Bubble!’ and Andrew pops them as they come out, which makes Margaret giggle.  It’s so cute to watch them have their outdoor play time – which I’m HOPING they’ll have more of soon…the weather never seems to stay nice for more than a day or two, and lately it has felt fairly cold whenever we’ve gone out.

Tomorrow my dad is building a little fence for our backyard so we’ll hopefully be able to contain the girls to our area and not have them running off in opposite directions out there!  I’m hoping it works.  I’m also hoping our neighbours (the ones I don’t like) don’t spend too much time out on their patio smoking cigarettes and marijuana, which are their two favourite past times (their third and forth being coughing up a lung after smoking, and making excessive noise with their bass).  Not my favourite people in the world…somewhat of nightmarish neighbours for me, actually.  I don’t want to get into it right now, but they definitely cause me stress.  I don’t want to let them chase us out of here, though.  I love our place, so I have to try not to let them ruin it for me.  I’m excited to have the fence put up and be able to start getting out in the yard more, get it cleaned up, and the kids’ little slide set up and whatnot.  They’re going to have so much fun playing out there this summer, I just know it.  Especially once it’s time to set up the little pool!

The girls still really love their tubtubtub time, and whenever they’re in the tub now, Emily points to the counter and says, ‘Tee!’  meaning she wants to brush her teeth!  So they pretty much always brush their teeth in the bath now.  Last night Margaret got out of the bath first but was annoyed that her sister had her toothbrush and she didn’t have hers (I couldn’t find it, they obviously hid it somewhere) so to distract her I said, ‘Why don’t you go get my brush and I’ll brush your hair?’  I have always combed their hair with their baby comb, I’ve never used my brush on them before, yet she immediately knew what I meant.  She went over and tried to reach up onto the counter for my hair brush but was just slightly too short, so she stood on the scale and was able to reach it, and really enjoyed having her hair brushed (despite that she still doesn’t have all that much of it!!)


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