A weekend of birthday and Easter celebrations

Saturday was James’ 35th birthday.  I can’t believe he’s 35.  In 2 years, we’ll have been together for half our lives!  That blows me away.  At the same time, I honestly can’t imagine how I could have ever not known him.  He’s such a huge part of me.  As I like to remind him, I will be with him for all eternity =)

Anyway!  His birthday went well.  I made Eggs Benny with bagels instead of English muffins, and tomato instead of meat (of course) and the kids all enjoyed it, too.  James’ mom and her sister came over for a little ‘party’ (his brother was supposed to be here, too, but he couldn’t make it).  James hadn’t seen his aunt in 20 years, and since we’ve only been together for 15, that means I’d never met her before.  It was interesting meeting my mil’s sister, and seeing how they’re similar and also how they’re totally different.  It was a good visit, and I had the babies in the absolute CUTEST dresses!  I actually got them at Army and Navy, which I’ve only ever gone to once and truthfully probably will never go again (although they had some good kitchen stuff I MIGHT check out one day, unlikely though!)  I really hated the store, but the dresses I got were SO CUTE I couldn’t pass them up!  Peachy pink with big white polkadots, I really should post a picture.  They looked beyond adorable.  Andrew wore a new outfit GG got him when she was over – red/green/blue plaid shorts with a bright blue polo that looks like it has an ipod in the pocket of.  Totally suits him!  

James seemed to enjoy his birthday, although Andrew was really moody and kind of awful at the party…It was ‘Superman’ themed, so I got plates and napkins, and 3 cool hanging decorations that I put up in the kitchen.  Andrew and I made a little sign for beneath the Happy Birthday sign by the fireplace, that said ‘Happy 35th Birthday to one super dad!’ and had a picture of James’ face on Superman’s body!  Andrew and I also hung some balloons in red, blue, and yellow.  It felt like the theme came together pretty well.  For his bday we got James a bunch of things – some new shirts and a pair of shorts from the kids, an itunes gift card from Andrew, a coffee grinder and some coffee beans from me, various types of booze from me (Scotch, some interesting ‘ginger wine’, ‘Cloudy Lemonade’ and beer), and salt and pepper grinders from Fifi!  LOL  James has said for a while that he wished we had a pepper mill so he got one for his birthday, from the cat!

It seemed strange having James’ birthday and Easter in the same weekend.  I don’t recall that ever happening in James’ and my relationship.  His mom said it was Easter weekend the year he was born, so who knows how often it actually happens.  We stuck to our tradition since Andrew was 2, where he and James go out mid morning and I let the Easter bunny in to do his thing.  I got the babies down for their nap, off the boys went, and the Easter bunny got to work!  He brought lots of little eggs for the kids to find, and little buckets with their names on them to put the eggs into.  James and I also got the kids some Easter prezzies – the girls got an outfit each, cute little plaid shorts and pink shirts with a bunny in a cupcake on them.  I also got them some girly straw hats from the dollar store.  Andrew got something he’s wanted for a LONG time now – a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lamp for his bedroom!  He was absolutely thrilled.  My new ‘rule’ is that the kids get a gift on special occasions, and maybe once in a while they can get something ‘just because’ when we choose, but I don’t want to get in the habit of just buying them stuff.  I mean, obviously I buy them new clothes here and there and stuff I feel they ‘need’ but I feel like Andrew was getting to used to ALWAYS getting something if we went out – even if it was just at the dollar store.  When it becomes expected, there’s something lost because there’s a sense of entitlement, and I reeeeally don’t like that.  Also, the fact is, we won’t be able to afford to buy something for THREE kids all the time once the babies are old enough to understand if Andrew’s getting something – they’ll undoubtedly want something, too!  If we were having one child only, maybe we could get away with spoiling him…but I’d actually like to get away from that much consumerism anyway.  Ultimately we’re not doing them any favours if we spoil them, so I am conscious of it.  Still, it’s fun to get them a little something on an occasion like Easter.

Their hunt for the eggs went well, the babies of course weren’t quite as into it as their brother, but they found a few things, and of course enjoyed devouring some chocolate when all was said and done!  Andrew had a blast finding all the eggs.  After the hunt at our house, we went over to my mom and dad’s and they got Easter buckets there, too, and we visited with my bro and sil for a bit, and then had a little bday celebration for James’ with my parents, complete with red velvet cake!  Way too much sugar this holiday, omg.  Till now I have never had much willpower when it comes to chocolate being around me, I just can’t help myself when I know it’s there (or, should I say, I DO help myself when I know it’s there!!)  So wanting to lose weight, it is going to be a major challenge to keep myself out of the ‘chocolate cupboard’ that we seem to have stocked up now.  BUT I am going to do my very best, and just remind myself of my goals when I start to head in that direction! 


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