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I went for a brisk walk today on my own, finally working toward getting fit - slowly.  I have done a terrible job so far, given I intended to start this journey in January!  I forget how quickly the days pass by, and then suddenly I realized April will soon be over and what do I have to show for it, aside from those same pesky 'love handles' I so desperately want rid of?!
I started doing a great workout on YouTube that I think if I stick with regularly I could really be getting fit - the only problem is I HAVE to do it in our living room (it requires a lot of jumping jacks, which wouldn't be good for the floor upstairs and would be super noisy!) and I'd prefer to do it during the day as it gives me energy - working out at 10pm once everyone's asleep is less than ideal.  The problem is, I started doing the workout with the kids around, and the first time Andrew got annoyed because he didn't want to watch it, and the next few times I've attempted it the girl…

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