Swimming like fishes

Yesterday we FINALLY took the girls to the pool for their FIRST EVER pool experience!  I feel so bad that they’d never been till now, since I had Andrew in swim lessons at 5 months old.  But the logistics make it nearly impossible to go to the pool with 3 kids – LITERALLY impossible on my own, nearly impossible with myself and James.  It went relatively smoothly till it came time to get everyone changed afterwards.  I threw a dress on over my bathing suit and didn’t even bother getting myself changed till we got home…and we’re considering next time doing that with the girls, too!  It was such a gong show.  BUT it was so worth it for the girls to have that experience, and Andrew, too.  Swimming was ‘our thing’ back when he was a baby – I took him for his swim lessons twice a week for a long time.  But once we’d moved and it seemed as though I was perpetually pregnant (miscarriage, short lull in between, then pregnant with twins…) it just didn’t seem possible for us to go swimming anymore.  (Not saying you can't swim while pregnant, I was just so uncomfortable and we did go to the pool once near the end of my twin pregnancy but it took the wind right out of me!)  His nana has a pool in her building so when he visits there he often goes swimming, so he’s gotten a lot more comfortable with the water.  It was amazing to see him enjoying it so much.  And the girls!  They are little naturals in the water, they loved it.

Emily tends to be the more comfortable ‘water baby’ when it comes to splashing around at bath time, so I’d predicted that she’d take to the water a little quicker than Margaret.  But it turned out to be the opposite.  It was the brightness and the sheer number of people that affected Emily, I’m sure of it.  Their twin world is so small, because we so rarely go out due to the logistics of outings these days.  So the idea of a hundred or so people milling about in this giant bathtub, essentially, was a little overwhelming!  (It’s a little off-putting when I think about it, too!)  The pool we went to is very shallow to begin with, kind of like going to the beach and slowly getting into the water.  So Margaret plunked herself down into the shallowest part of the water and just started splashing.  Within a minute she was in her ‘swimming like a fish’ pose that she does in the bathtub regularly, and was right into the whole thing!  Emily cried at first, and just wanted to be held, but after a few minutes she would walk from James to me, and let me hold her for a minute, then she’d walk back to James, and so on.  It wasn’t long before she’d warmed up to the water, too, and I took her into a deeper part and held her so she could kick her legs and pretend to swim.  She latched onto a floaty thing that looked like a barbell  and enjoyed playing with that in the water.   

Andrew showed us how he’d learned to use a pool noodle to float around, and it was just fun watching the way people reacted to seeing two toddlers in the identical swim suits, which might I add they looked absolutely ADORABLE in!  Little one piece swimsuits with a ruffle near the top, a turquoise base colour with pink flamingos all over them.  SO CUTE!!  I really wish we could have got a picture of the kids in the pool, that would have made me so happy, but there was absolutely no way it could happen, because one of us wouldn’t have been able to hold the two babies for the length of time it would take to get the picture taken and the camera put back somewhere safe.  But that’s OK, I’ll never forget how adorable they looked, and it makes me so happy to know I have 3 kids who all love the water!


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