Progress is made

I can finally say I am actually making progress with organizing our house.  It’s a MAJOR work in progress, and I have to wrap my head around the fact that it’s never ending, because of course it’s impossible for everything to be perfect in its place – especially where 3 little rugrats are concerned!  BUT I feel like I am getting there, slowly, bit by bit, and it makes me happy.  The kitchen project has been a huge inspiration!

As for the kids…The past week or so when the babies finish a snack or something is gone, they’ll put their hands out, and sometimes will say, ‘All done!’ (which sounds more like, ‘Ah dun!’)  Frozen (or ‘Freee’ as it’s referred to in Baby Talk) is still a big hit around here, and today I noticed Margaret would clap when good things happened during the show.  They also enjoy the Curious George movie, and try to say ‘Curious George’ but it comes out nothing like it!  Andrew was downtown today at Nana’s but usually he’d watch CG with his sisters.  When I suggested putting it on for a few minutes just while I went to fix us some lunch, Margaret nodded and said, ‘Yaaaah!’  Then she looked around and said, ‘Andoo!’  She was actually missing Andrew and wondering where he was, because she associated the movie with sitting and watching with him.  How CUTE is that?!  I actually had to remind her several times throughout the day that Andrew wasn’t home, because she would just start saying his name.

Both girls LOVE this magnetic sketch pad thing that was actually Andrew’s but they’ve basically claimed it now.  They take turns drawing on it and then push the button along to erase the picture to start over.  (By ‘taking turns’ I of course mean that one baby has it, the other sees that the other has it and rips it away from them, and tears and sometimes screaming ensues, and Mommy intervenes…LOL…but over all they have a lot of fun with it, and SOMETIMES they do actually share it!)

Emily loves the Jeff book (from the Wiggles) but interestingly neither girl is all that interested in watching the Wiggles DVDs we kept from when Andrew was their age.  He loved them so much we took him to a concert, but they’re indifferent.  (Which is good because I wouldn’t spend another dime on the Wiggles after the way Sam was treated, and they’re not really the Wiggles anymore anyway given that Anthony is the only one left, I really can’t get used to a new group of Wiggles LOL).  Anyway…they also love a nursery rhyme book, as well as one from when Andrew was little called Zoe’s Sunny Day, and all the ones with lots of pictures of animals and random stuff that they can point to.  They know what so many things are already, it boggles my mind. They love all books, really, and just learning in general.  They play with their toys so nicely, and love stacking blocks and this little ring stacker thing they have.  They really use their toys and seem to enjoy them.  The past few days whenever Emily does something she thinks was particularly clever, she'll smile and say, 'Wow!', likely because she often hears me say, 'Wow, good job!'

Andrew needs a post all about him, I feel like I’m totally leaving him out and that’s not fair.  He’s such a cuddle bug, I love how sweet and cuddly he is.  He loves it when I tuck him into bed more than anyone else – mostly because he knows I’m an easy mark and will always read one (or two, sometimes even three!) more books after I’ve said no more.  He is also happy to get into our bed with me and have me tell him stories about when I was a kid, or just whatever, and he’ll fall asleep there and James transfers him to his bed later.   But more about him and his hilarious antics later…Right now it’s time for sleep!


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