A mixture of things

I feel like lately it’s been a whirlwind…I can’t even remember what we’ve been up to!  Right now my dad and I are in the midst of painting out our kitchen.  All the cabinets are going to be white.  I LOVE it already, we’ve done the top cabinets and, wow, what a difference it has made already.  I do worry about the paint chipping though, especially the bottom cabinets with 3 little kids who love to play in the kitchen…If anyone has any tips on how to avoid that (beyond not letting them in the kitchen, which isn’t an option!) let me know!! 

I’ve been getting a lot of stomach aches lately.  And headaches.   The headaches are normal, it’s all part of my cycle and happens twice a month (although the headaches last a long time or are recurring).  I was told by my dr to take B6 vitamin pills each day but when I do the stomach aches become unbearable (despite taking them as per how the label suggests, with food).  I stopped taking them and then the headaches came back…And now I seem to be getting stomach aches all the freaking time.  So I don’t know what’s up with me.  I also am just at the beginning of a cold, which was inevitable given that Andrew has had it for several days, and now the girls seem to be getting it as well.  The really sucky part is that it seems to be primarily a cough.  I hate getting a cough!

Speaking of coughs, our neighbours are such crazy chain smokers that they are constantly about to cough up a lung, and it really makes me wonder how they’re still smoking.  When you get to the point where you have a really croupy, nasty cough ALL THE TIME, wouldn’t you start to think about quitting?  The other day I saw one of them walking down the street literally about to have a lung fly right out of her mouth she was coughing so bad, and as soon as she reached her driveway, she lit a cigarette!  I’m somewhat disgusted by them, I have to admit.  It’s also the Momma Bear in me reacting, because when I go to put the kids into the van, the second hand smoke wafts through and we’re all breathing it in, and when we’re playing out in our little front yard space, if they come out to smoke during that time it’s unbearable.  Once we’re spending more time out there in the spring, I’m going to have to say something to them, because it’s really not fair to make my little children breathe in all that second hand smoke.  They have 2 young kids themselves and smoke openly right around them, which I personally take issue with…I know it’s their decision to make, but I just don’t know how you could in all good conscience smoke around children when you KNOW that it is negatively affecting their bodies. 

Anyway.  End rant!

The other day when I was bringing the babies downstairs after nap time (I’m still able to carry both babies down the stairs one on each hip, I wonder how long that will last as they’re at least 25lbs each, Emily might even be a bit more, so that’s a lotta baby to pack!!) I said to them, ‘Look, there’s Andrew, so hi to Andrew!’ and Margaret said, ‘Andoo!’  Then yesterday whenever she was asked to say, ‘Andrew’ she’d say, ‘Andoo!’  It sounds SO CUTE, I can’t stand how cute it is!!

Both babies are obsessed with the movie Frozen, Margaret especially.  Every once in a while she’ll look at me and say, ‘Freee!’ and that means Frozen.  She is SO happy when I put it on, she sits in her pink club chair to watch it.  LOL

Emily is really into dancing lately, and she also loves to run around the room, gleefully!  I’ll say, ‘Run, run, run!’ and I noticed this morning after I’d say that she’d say, ‘Ruh, ruh, ruh!’  So cute.  She squeals when she’s excited or does this adorable little giggle thing, like if you give her a snack she really enjoys she makes this noise to let you know she’s so happy about it.  Margaret can’t scream!  Emily will let out an ear-piercing scream as Andrew likes to call it, and Margaret will try to do the same but it comes out more like a throaty laughter sound.  So funny.

Both girls love their bath time but Emily especially loves the water.  She’s really taken to having a little container or toy she can fill up with their little tub time tea pot toy.  We keep wanting to take them to the pool FOR THE FIRST TIME which is soooo sad to me since they’re just over 17 months now (I can’t believe my ‘babies’ will be a year and a half in less than a month, UNREAL.) but it just never happens because something always comes up.  This weekend it’s because we’re all getting sick, last weekend there was something else.  I of course can’t take all 3 on my own so I can only go when James can go with me.  I’m REALLY hoping next weekend can work out…I know they are going to absolutely LOVE the experience!  And I got them the most adorable little swim suits!!!

We just heard on Friday that Andrew didn’t get into the school that’s closest to us…He’s still on a wait list to get in but the chances are pretty slim that it will happen now.  I feel really bummed about it, but of course am not letting on to him that I’m disappointed, as now I’m all about pumping up the school he’ll be going to.  It just sucks because the closer school would take 5 minutes to walk him to, and the one he has to go to will take about half an hour each way.  It’ll be great exercise and I know I should look at it that way, but realistically, it would be nice to not have to spend 2 hours a day walking to and from that school 5 days a week!  Especially when it’s rainy, I can’t see us walking for that length of time, so there’ll be a lot of driving happening.  I’m so not looking forward to the routine we’re going to have to get into, my life is going to get so much harder LOL  I don’t do mornings, or should I say, I don’t do mornings not in pajamas!!  Being ready and out the door, and for that matter having me AND 3 kids ready and out the door by just after 8am, well just shoot me now!!!!!

I’m really looking forward to the spring and summer, though, and I want to come up with some extra special things to do with Andrew before he goes off to school.  I know it’s not like he’s being shipped off to boarding school or something, but starting all day kindergarten after being all day with mommy his whole life is a pretty darn big deal to me!  I want to make the warmer, sunnier months extra special with him so we’ve created some memories together, because while I know he’ll have summers off regularly, he won’t have spring time to just spend with me and the girls anymore.  OK, I have to stop thinking about it, I am seriously not ready for my ‘baby’ to be starting school in the fall, clearly!  I just feel like the past 5 years have literally flown by and it just doesn’t seem right that he should be so grown up already.


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