A major sense of accomplishment

Once again it feels like forever since I’ve had the time to write…although this time I feel like I have a pretty good excuse.  I’m pregnant!  

Haha, no just kidding (that was mean, wasn’t it?!)  LOL, seriously, NOT pregnant, and NEVER again will be!!!   I’d be insane if I had any more children, I’m 100% sure of that.  (Love you, kiddos…just don’t want more of you!!!)  No, actually I’ve been busy because every spare moment I’ve had has been spent painting our kitchen.  I’ve probably sounded like a broken record for how many times I’ve said that I love the layout of our kitchen but HATE it aesthetically – to the point that I would honestly say I was embarrassed by how awful it looked.  Now, I feel proud of it.  My dad helped me a bit but I did almost all the painting myself, and I can’t believe what an amazing transition it is.  It went from brown with so many nicks and chips in the wood, and just totally nasty OLD to completely updated, freshly painted WHITE.  We also added black knobs as none of the cupboards or drawers had knobs.  I LOVE white cupboards and while I would obviously prefer new cupboards that are white without being painted (and therefore chip-able), given that we’re in a rental it’s AWESOME.  We got the go ahead to make the changes as long as we paid for it ourselves, and because we had almost all the supplies needed for the job, it only cost a little over $100 to do the whole thing.  I only finished it yesterday and I feel like it has already paid for itself!  I just love it so much, I feel so happy when I go into that area of the house now, rather than sighing deeply in my head wondering how it could look THAT bad.

The con-tact paper I chose for the counters while the cupboards were still brown matches nicely with the white, and the kids are loving the chalkboard wall I did behind the counter in the dining room.  The babies tried it out for the first time ever tonight and loved it immediately!  (I just have to watch they don’t try to eat the chalk…or run into my fresh new kitchen and ruin the cupboards with it…aaaahhhh!  I am so protective of them now…the babies too, but I’m talking about the cupboards LOL).

I haven’t had the chance yet to re-arrange the stuff on the counters, although I know I can’t do much in that regard since I pretty much already have everything where it’s most functional.  I just feel like that’s part of the fun – doing a little something different with the set up.  I have a few ideas in mind for art work I’d like to get, or better yet make myself based on things I’ve seen on Pinterest, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to that.  I will say, though, that I found this project VERY inspiring.  I used to paint (not a job quite this big but feature walls/accent furniture, that sort of thing), but it has literally been YEARS since I really did anything noteworthy.  I had nearly forgot what an important part of my life it used to be to change things up like that, and feel that sense of accomplishment once the project was complete.  Sadly, I just so rarely have the time these days.  For this project I MADE the time, and even when I was sick and really should have just been resting, I plowed through and kept going (partly because I am stubborn and once a project like that is started I feel like I have to finish it as soon as humanly possible, but also because it was a total nuisance not being able to allow the babies into that part of the house while the cupboard doors were off!)  This project therefore proves that if I really want something badly enough, I CAN make it happen.  On the other hand, there were times where I felt it was going painfully slow in comparison to how quickly I could have done it all if I didn’t have so many little people to look after when all I wanted to do was PAINT!!  I enjoyed it though, it really reminded me how passionate I am about being creative and I can’t stress enough how good the sense of accomplishment feels now that the vision has become a reality.

I love our kitchen now!  As Andrew would put it, ‘I don’t like it, I love it!’  and I truly do.  I like how much counter space we have, I like how many cupboards there are, the functionality is awesome, and I LOVE the way it all looks!  I’m excited to start on a new project soon, there’s no stopping me now =)

(I will post before and after photos soon...I really have to get my act together and start posting pictures again...)


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