Starting NOW...

Today I finished watching the Gossip Girl series on Netflix.  All 6 seasons watched.  It’s for the best that it ended because I felt kind of guilty binge watching GG at times when I could be doing much more productive things (although vegging can be nice, too!)  I admittedly got totally sucked into the show, though, and kind of loved it.  It’s definitely a guilty pleasure, much in the same way as 90210 was back in the day (or, not all that long ago, the next generation of 90210, which, yes, I also watched).  It’s so superficial, but there’s something about those teen drama type shows that I love!  I was happy with the way the show was wrapped up in the end, so I’m satisfied and not left wishing I could get all those hours back that I ‘wasted’ watching it!

Instead of finding a new show to binge watch, I’ve decided to use this time to be more productive.  ‘This time’ being the bit of time I have in the evenings once everyone has gone to bed and I’ve got all my nightly chores done.  My plan is to force myself to do a little exercise routine (despite that I’m dead tired – it’s really the only time I get to fit that in on a regular basis), do some writing, READ rather than watch shows, and hopefully start getting to bed a little earlier than I have been.  James even said if I went to bed a little earlier, he’d get up if the girls needed something in the time frame where I’d usually be looking after them still (yes, I have the greatest husband ever!)  So I really should take up on that…I’m so tired all the freaking time, and I’m beyond tired of being tired, so I’ve got to change the pattern as much as possible.

I feel like I continued with my usual ruts so far since the new year started, and while it’s still early in the year, if I don’t start making changes NOW, I won’t have much chance for success by the end of the year.  So there’s no time like the present to get started, and this time I MEAN BUSINESS. 


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