So many pins, so many projects

I’ve been enjoying checking out Pinterest for tips on DIY projects and home décor and other such endeavours.  I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest, as I imagine a lot of people do.  I love it for its inspiration factor, and I HAVE made a few things from Pinterest that I’ve been fairly happy with the outcome of.  There are particularly a lot of great craft ideas to work on with Andrew that I’ve found on there.

I just find it annoying how the picture of craft (or meal or especially home décor) looks so PERFECT and then when I do it I end up with what Andrew deems an ‘epic fail.’  You know it’s bad when you go to start a new project and your 5 year old says, ‘Hopefully this one won’t be an epic fail, right, Mommy?!’

Some people also appear to have endless bank accounts, and therefore have very pristine homes.  They also don’t show signs of having three kids 5 and under, who inevitably take over the family home (unless it’s a mansion, maybe, where the adults of the household truly can have their own space…Yeah, we don’t have that here).  There’s NO WAY I could make my house look the way houses look in the pictures, because, well, we actually have to LIVE in ours.  And I can’t afford to go out and buy all the stuff I’d need to make the necessary updates, anyway, so it’s a bit of a moot point.  Even crafting can get expensive quickly.  There are a lot of ‘little’ projects I’d like to do (if time would allow) but I have to be realistic and factor in how much the supplies will cost.

Still, I do love me some Pinterest!

One project I both started and actually completed last weekend.  I was searching for ways to update a rental kitchen, because we all know how much I can’t stand our kitchen, aesthetically speaking.  The layout is pretty great for me, it just desperately needs to be updated.  There isn’t a chance in hell that management will update it, so I decided to go the ghetto route of making our countertops LOOK like granite…with Con-tact paper.  Yes, you read that right.  I actually felt that A STICKER on top of our counters made to look like granite would be a vast improvement from the counter top we had.  And it seriously does!  It actually looks AMAZING!  I would have applied it slightly differently if I could go back and re-do it, as there are a few imperfections that stand out to me (although I doubt they would to anyone else, especially not if they were comparing it to the way it was originally, without the Con-tact paper!)  BUT for the most part it was a total WIN, no epic fail on that one.  James actually referred to the counters the other day as ‘Mommy’s new baby’, which I laughed at but I can see why he said it!  I feel so much happier in that kitchen now, and while it needs a lot more work to be aesthetically pleasing, it’s a start.  I feel great about it.  The leaky ceiling made me feel defeated for a day but once that was fixed (hopefully for good this time…) I finished the project and it just looks so much cleaner and newer. 

It’s moments like those, when I’ve completed a project and feel good about it, that I realize how important it is to have these projects to do.  It might seem like a simple, silly thing, and yes, maybe even a tad bit sad that putting Con-tact paper on our counters was such a thrill for me.  But my own personal world is teensy tiny right now.  I used to do projects ALL THE TIME.  Before I had kids (and somewhat when I ‘only’ had Andrew) I was constantly changing things around and doing fun little projects around the house.  Once the twins came along…that sort of came to a grinding halt.  It generally takes all I’ve got just to do the general maintenance tasks that I feel I have no choice but to do in order to not allow chaos to completely overtake me.  Who’s got the wherewithal for side projects?!  But I’m realizing how truly important it is, that I really do need to have things to do that I WANT to do, that don’t just feel like chores.  Yes, I have to be realistic about the cost of things, but there is a lot I know I can do if I just put the effort in to see it through.

I’m hoping to get permission to paint out our kitchen cupboards and put knobs on them.  I also want to paint the bureau we have in our bedroom.  The ‘old me’ would have done these things already because as soon as I thought of the project I’d be aching to get to it, and wouldn’t let anything stand in my way.  I need to find that part of myself again and unleash her!


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