Snow days and singing some Raffi

After reading several books to the kids this afternoon, we got to a nursery rhyme book, so I started singing.  I always figure the kids are going to cower away into a corner and cover their ears at the sound of my singing voice (I think I would, if I was listening to me!) but I’m always surprised by how taken they are with my singing.  Maybe it’s because it’s somewhat of a rare event that I spend any length of time actually singing to them…but they LOVE it!  I was singing Sing a Song of Six Pence, for example, and Emily broke out into a dance, complete with a huge grin on her face.

Once I’d sang all the songs from the book, I sang a few others I knew by heart, and then I put a Raffi CD on.  We sang and danced to Raffi for close to an hour, and the kids were all happy, dancing, and playful.  It was right around the time when our Witching Hour usually starts, so I was amazed at how well everyone was doing!  Meltdowns naturally occurred not long after, particularly after Margaret bit Emily’s arm as hard as she could, or at least I gathered as much looking at the bite marks…Poor Emily.  She’s never an instigator, she’s not a bully in the least, but Margaret on the other hand…Just watch out for Margaret, need I say more?!

I finally convinced Andrew to get his Mohawk-that-was-growing-wildly-into-something-totally-not-mohawk-ish  cut yesterday and I gave him a really cute big boy haircut.  It’s not perfect by any means, but I think I’m doing better at giving him his haircuts.  I’m so glad I’m able to do it, it’s crazy how much salons and barber shops charge to cut kid hair!  Although in their defence I’d probably want a lot too, if I was having to deal with little kids squirming around…I can’t imagine cutting some other kids’ hair, truthfully.  LOL

We got a fair bit of snow since Saturday morning.  It’s really not that much compared to what a lot of people are used to, but for us it’s a lot.  On Saturday we took the kids to the park and let them run around and play in their snowsuits, which was great because it’d be a shame if they didn’t get any use out of their suits!  I bought Andrew’s last year and we never got enough snow for him to use it, so it won’t fit him by next year.  All 3 kids LOVED being in the snow, and it was hilarious watching the girls because their snow suits and ski jackets are so puffy, they were waddling around like penguins!!  They really kept them warm though, which is the main thing.  We built a snow man and it just felt like a fun winter adventure.  I was having a bad day leading up to that (I think I wrote about it already…the water leak and the mil issues…) but our outing to the park really did make the day better.  That night we even had a fire in the fireplace, which is a rare treat since we can only have them after the babies have gone to bed.

Yesterday James took Andrew to see the new Lego movie in the theatre, and Andrew absolutely LOVED it.  Margaret and Emily napped late but napped for a good chunk of time, so I got a bit of rest.  I have felt so unrested…for years now, really, I wish there was something I could do to make it so I got enough sleep and had more energy.  On the other hand, I still think it’s a really good thing I’m a night owl, or I hate to imagine the extent of the water damage we’d have from the water-leak-fiasco!  So there is that…


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