Leaky townhouse

There are a lot of things I really love about our place.  One thing I have never been a fan of is our kitchen.  It has awesome potential, I LOVE the layout of it, it just needs some major updates.  Whoever lived here before never heard of a cutting board, so the countertop (which is beige and super ugly to begin with)is all cut up and looks dirty even when it’s clean.  There are also some big chunks of it missing, which just seems embarrassing to me.  We are the type of renters who treat our place like we own it, and we take pride in keeping things clean and looking nice.  But if you took one close look at our kitchen you’d probably think we’re total slobs!  There’s just nothing we can do about it.

Until I saw a pin on Pinterest about using Contact paper made to look like a new counter top.  For less than $20 I can make our counters look like granite even though they’re not!  Last night I went ahead and did the biggest counter in our kitchen, and while there are a few minor issues with it, I think it looks AMAZING, definitely 100% better than it was.  I had just finished and taken some pictures of it, and was feeling SO pleased with my accomplishment, when I heard a noise over by the sink (on the other side of the kitchen) and just all of a sudden there was water GUSHING from the ceiling.  So much that in the time it took me to grab a pot to catch one part of the leak, water was puddling onto the floor and it was a total disaster.  I panicked a bit, ran upstairs and woke James up and then we had to take a few things out of the storage under the stairs to get the water shut off.  Once we turned that off it stopped fairly soon, but OH MY GAWD what a disaster.  It had gone all inside one of our food cupboards so we had to take everything out, we used all our towels to mop up the water (which was discolored and smelled bad) and my nice ‘new’ counter was jam packed full of all the stuff from the wet cupboard!  I felt totally defeated.

Today someone came to ‘fix’ it, but the problem is that this is the 3rd time its been ‘fixed’.  The first two times were much smaller leaks, but given the guy spent 5 minutes tops on the repair job, I’m a tad concerned that it’s only a matter of time before it happens again.

We have issues with the management of our place, and we’ve had concerns about living here for any length of time in part because of that.  I was starting to think maybe if we did a few of our own updates to make the place feel a little fresher we’d be able to look past the negatives and stay here longer term.  But then the water issue happened and while yes, they were prompt in coming by to fix it, I just don’t have any faith whatsoever that it is in fact ‘fixed.’  It worries me, as I’m pretty sure there is mould growing in the area where the leaks have been happening since it has happened so many times (who knows how many times before we moved here) and it’s never properly dealt with.  I can’t live here if I know there’s mould given we have 3 small children who could have long term effects from that.  I am just feeling really sad about it all, we can’t afford to move right now and nor do I want to, and Andrew is registered for Kindergarten so I don’t know when it would be a good time to uproot him.  I know he’ll end up having to change schools when we move, which makes me sad because I always imagined staying in one place once we had a children or children in school.  I went through the same elementary school all the way through, and though we did move once in that time, we were still close enough to the same school, and then I went to one high school all the way through.  I always imagined the same for my kids, but I realize things do change, and we’ll settle somewhere eventually.  I think sometimes I feel sad that we can’t own our own home, but I don’t see us ever affording it unfortunately.  I feel like I was meant to own my own home, as snobby as that might sound, but I mean more just in terms of how I’d like to care for it and keep it nice, and it’s so much more limited in what one can do with a rental – plus, who wants to sink a lot of money into something they don’t own.  On the other hand, I like renting because we don’t have to pay when things do go wrong, and we’re not sinking further and further in debt with all the renos I would no doubt want to do if I owned!  I’d always be wanting to do updates!  So there are definitely perks to renting, I think I just wish we could be renting from someone who also cares about the place we’re in, at least enough to do maintenance properly the first time.  I worry about what other issues there might be that we just haven’t discovered yet.

Throw in a bunch of issues with my mil (that saga will never end!) and this day is proving to be a fairly bad one.  It’s snowing, though, which is a novelty around here, so I think when the babies wake up from their nap we’ll bundle them and Andrew up in their snow suits and we’ll go outside for a little snow adventure!  The day can be salvaged yet!


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