Twin sisters

I wrote this a few days ago but for some reason forgot to post it...I think I wanted to add more to it but since that's obviously not going to happen I thought it may as well be posted as is!

Margaret and Emily have their similarities for sure, and to me it’s pretty obvious they’re twin sisters.  But it’s also amazing how different twins are.  Actually, it’s probably the opposite of amazing, because even if they were identical, they are still two separate individuals.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the twin-factor that we sometimes forget that they shared a womb, and yes definitely share a special bond, but they are ultimately siblings just like Andrew is their brother.

Some facts about our twins:

Emily is a way better sleeper than Margaret.  She’d probably be sleeping through the night regularly if it wasn’t for Margaret causing her to stir.

Margaret LOVES her blankets and seems to enjoy having them close to her head, and she will touch them for comfort.  Emily, on the other hand, always seems to end up with her blankets in a heap underneath or beside her, and when I put a blanket on her she will generally kick her feet out from under it right away.

Margaret tends to be a tummy sleeper, whereas Emily is usually splayed out on her back.
Margaret says way more individual words, Emily tends to speak in gibberish.  She will look at you intently like OBVIOUSLY you know what she’s talking about and she’ll talkandtalkandtalkandtalkandtalk in baby language.  But then there are those times when you’ll say, ‘Emily, say…(whatever it is you want her to say)’ and I kid you not, she will repeat it in perfect English and you’ll do a double take because we didn’t know she could talk yet!  The other day Margaret was doing one of her latest antics, standing on the back of the couch holding onto the banister railing, saying ‘Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh’ over and over again (because she knows she’s not supposed to do that), and Emily looked at her sister, then at me, and said quite clearly, ‘Don’t like it, nooooo!’  LOL!  I couldn’t believe it but I know what I heard!

Emily loves to climb and she can certainly get into her fair share of mischief, but Margaret is more of a going concern.  When Emily hears a stern, ‘No’ she immediately gets a lip quiver that could rival Claire Danes, and then she starts sobbing.  Margaret will hear the same exact, ‘No’ and she’ll grin and do whatever she was doing again, and then give a look like, Aren’t I clever?!
What IS amazing to me is just how much the girls know already.  I’m sure it’s normal, it just seems so incredible to me that one year olds can grasp so much of the English language and already know so much.  They wow me every day with how smart they are, following in their big brother’s footsteps, of course.

I vow to start recording tidbits from EVERY SINGLE DAY to have a good recording this year of the funny things Andrew says, and all the silly antics he and his sisters get up to.  I’m not committing to blogging every day, but if I jot stuff down, I’ll know it’s there when I want to look back.


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