Kindergarten already?!

I feel like writing takes such a backseat for me these days, and that’s not something I want to continue moving forward.  Writing has been my main passion since I first learned how to put words on paper, and I don’t want to lose that.  I just lack the time and brain power to keep at it in the way I want to.  BUT I am going to start putting more effort in.  I just have to figure out how I want to go about doing it.  Seriously considering ending this blog and starting a new adventure with writing but I haven’t totally decided where I want to take it, and of course starting a new website will take time that I currently don’t know where I’ll find.  Sigh!!

Speaking of time, I just spent some researching Kindergarten enrollment for Andrew.  I can’t believe he has to be enrolled in KINDERGARTEN this year.  Crazy.   My baby boy is really growing up!  I am disappointed that we’re right on the very cusp of the catchment areas so he will probably have to go to the school that’s about 20 minutes walking each way to and from, as opposed to the one that’s about 5 minutes each way.  Real bummer for me as it would save me a lot of time if I was taking him to the closer one.  And from what I gather, it’s also a better school.  I will do my best to get him in, but there are no guarantees, which leaves me feeling a tad bit stressed.  I wish it was a simpler process, when we moved here we honestly thought we were in the catchment area we want to be in, that’s how close we are to the school!

Babies waking, no time to finish this but I’m posting as is because if I don’t, I fear I might never actually post anything I write! 


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