I hate loud people

I’m so frustrated with our new neighbours.  I don’t even know who they are because there always seem to be different people there, which in and of itself is disconcerting.  They love to chain smoke outside their front door, and talk loudly while they do.  They blare their music in their car so loud that I honestly know they’re on their way home FROM OUR LIVING ROOM which is in the back of the house.  They drive through the complex and every time I’ve been right that it’s them!  It’s therefore no surprise that they like to play their TV and music on the loud side, too, with the bass shaking our entire house, sometimes till after 1 in the morning (possibly later, it’s just that’s when I go to bed.  It’s not constant but it happens enough that I am literally raging inside just thinking about it.  It was so loud again this afternoon (shaking things in our house, which to me is too loud even for day time) so I decided to go over and talk to them.  I think I mentioned before that James went over a few days after they moved in, but it obviously has done little to affect change.  So I wanted to just go over and mention that I’d be more tolerant of the day time noise – since we obviously make noise too, which can’t be helped with 3 small kids in the house – if it wasn’t for the fact that I hear it all night too, which means I rarely feel I have much of a break from it.  I wanted to mention that I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Emily wakes up often immediately following the BOOM BOOM BOOM of the bass, and it’s always between 11pm-1am that I notice that happening, and I’d really rather she not be waking up from that!  But I was greeted at the door by someone, while friendly, who didn’t wait to hear anything other than that I felt the bass was too loud and could they please turn it down…She said yes no problem but it hasn’t changed one bit since!  I came upstairs to get away from it (yet I can still feel it through the wall, despite I am on the other end of the house and on a different floor from where they’re playing the music!) and I just noticed a whole slew more people come to their place (in a different vehicle than usual but blaring their music in the same manner as the people who I THINK live there…)  Yes, it’s true I’m not a huge fan of unnecessary noise, but I’ve been living in close quarters (apartments/townhouse) since 1998 so I KNOW we hear neighbours and I’m OK with it as long as everyone’s as respectful of each other as they can be.  For example, there are plenty of times we’d love to crank the tunes louder but I just don’t do it because I know it’s not fair to the neighbours and we don’t have the luxury of living in a detached house, so we have to respect that.  It doesn’t mean I’m not OK with occasional noise, even occasional obnoxious bass, but when it becomes habitual I get seriously annoyed, and that’s where I’m at now.  I really wish a family could have moved in beside us, who had kids our kids’ ages, who we could become friends with.  Instead, we live next to the totally random party house where you never know who’s going to greet you at the door…


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