Happy Birthday Gram

If my Gram was still alive, she would be turning 109 tomorrow.  Unfortunately she died when I was 16, at the age of 91.  I have such fond memories of spending time at her house, sometimes with my mom, sometimes as 4 generations of women with my grandma included, and sometimes just on my own.  She was the most amazing baker ever and could basically make anything she made taste better than if someone else tried to make it.  I remember once she made me a tomato sandwich, which sounds like the simplest thing, and yet it was one of the most delicious sandwiches I ever tasted!  My Gram was seriously the sweetest lady ever.  I may have had a biased great-granddaughter impression of her – I obviously didn’t know her as anyone but my gram – but I can’t imagine a mean bone in her body, she was just a sweet, kind, caring woman.  She was so genuine.  I miss her.

Today, in honour of her since I was thinking about how it’d be her birthday tomorrow, Andrew and I made Fruit Cookies from a recipe of hers.  She used to make them for us at least several times throughout the year, and at Christmas time she’d make them extra special by putting red and green icing on the tops.  SO yummy!  I had for some crazy reason NEVER made them since my mom handed the recipe down to me several years ago, but today was the day, and I am telling you, they are going to remain a family tradition, because they are THAT GOOD.  (Of course I’m trying to limit my intake since obviously I’m supposed to not be eating too unhealthily…which…hasn’t been going so awesomely as of yet, but yeah…more on that later!) 

While we did the baking (and the babies ran amok around the kitchen/dining room/front door area…and ate raisins (part of the recipe) (which Emily liked, Margaret turned her nose up after eating one…and then mashed some into the carpet unbeknownst to me till later…sigh!) I told Andrew a little more about Gram and the time I spent with her and how special she was to me.  I told him how much she would have loved him, and he told me he would have loved her too, and that he was already really proud of her for the delicious cookies she made!

It’s a sad reality that my children will never actually know my Gram, but I’m glad that I can keep her spirit alive by telling them how much she meant to me when she was here.  She would have adored James as well.  If only people could live forever…or at least, the extra special ones like my Gram =)


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