A partial post is better than no post at all!

Margaret loves to nod ‘yes’ now, but she really does choose to use that over ‘no’ in the right instances.  For example, I’ll say, ‘Ewww, it smells in here, Margaret, do you need a diaper change?!’ and she’ll pat at her diaper and sort of lower her head and start nodding, then she walks over to the change table.  LOL  Or I’ll say, ‘Are you ready for nap time?’ and she’ll nod if she is.  But she’ll shake her head ‘no’ if she’s not!  Emily shakes her head 'no' more than she nods (despite that she's actually quite an agreeable baby!), although I noticed her nodding about things a few times today.

Margaret now says ‘off’, and tries to say ‘cheese’ (which sounds more like ‘chee’) and she calls Andrew ‘At.’  Both girls try to say 'balloon', which comes out more like, 'bao'.  Emily started saying Dada for almost everything the past few days, even though she has said quite a few other words so I know she knows them!  She says ‘Nigh nigh’ for night night time and nap time and both girls say ‘Tub!’  In fact, they demand their tubby time after dinner.  When they’re finished their food one or both start chanting, ‘Tubtubtubtubtub!’  They have taken to saying it in the morning and afternoon as well – they love their tub time!  Usually Andrew gets in with them.  Luckily we have a big soaker tub so they all fit, although it’s starting to get a bit squished since the girls are getting so big, and of course Andrew is, too!

All 3 kids LOVE to dance.  Andrew has some serious moves, and loves to have an audience when he’s dancing.  He really gets into the music, and when he knows a song well you can tell because he puts the rhythm into his moves!  Margaret loves to try to mimic her big brother, and flails around and puts her hands in the air.  Emily’s signature move is swaying really far back and forth, and then every now and then she twirls around.  They are all so cute in their own ways!

Andrew is getting really good at writing his name, he can count to at least 40 (he can count further but he chooses to stop there usually, or around 36 for some reason!) and he is really good at doing math in his head.  An interesting thing he told me the other day when we were doing some numbers using stencils is that he ‘sees numbers in colours’ so he associates numbers by the colours he sees them in.  I’ve heard of that before but I totally don’t get it at all because I don’t see numbers in colours so I’m not quite sure what that’s all about!  He is getting really good at colouring in the lines when he does his colouring.  I noticed that today when he was making some masks from a pirate mask making kit he got for Xmas.  His other favourite things right now are playing board games.  We are loving ‘Who Is It?’ and ‘Gobblet Gobblers’, both of which he got for Xmas.  He also got a kid’s card holder so it’s easier for him to hold his cards when we play Crazy 8’s or Zookeeper (a play on Old Maid).

Oops, time to get boy tucked into bed…Nigh nigh!!


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